Isner v. Mahut – USA v. Algeria What a Day!!

Posted: June 23, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Today was a day I will never forget in sports. Starting the morning with the excitement and strong odds of USA soccer advancing into the World Cup Finals and ending with or actually suspending with the longest Official Grand Slam Tennis Match you will ever witness.

The USA was once again victim of a Ref error, as their first goal of the game was disallowed. As the clock counted down and All Americans nerves were on edge, the 91st minute would show the world a miracle in comparison to the 1984 USA Hockey teams Olympic goal to defeat USSR. As Donovan cleaned up the rebound in front of the goal our prayers were answered and justice was served. I ran around the house swinging a flag and bolted out the door and down the street screaming gooooaaaaaalllllllllll.

Even at the end of the day, several hours later, I still can not grasp the reality of our team being nearly eliminated by the 2 worst ref decisions in the history of the World Cup. I didn’t even remember cutting my leg from jumping around but the blood is flowing down my leg showing that I am a die hard fan willing to bleed with my country and team.

Immediately after the USA Soccer game I heard an update that the longest grand slam tennis match record was in jeopardy and the coverage was being switched.

John Isner of the USA was in a nail bitter with Frenchman Mahut. We set the internet ESPN3 on one screen to watch the tennis match while watching the Cup Coverage on the big screen. The match could go forever. We took bathroom and food breaks shouting to each other if the end was near to avoid missing the classic ending.

Thankfully, Wimbeldon does not use lights and it got dark in London by 4pm central USA otherwise we may still be locked up in our homes. We can only fill so many shifts on guard for sporting events! Now that it is all over, I am off to play soccer myself for the evening.

Check out the records from the Tennis match and join in following it again at 7am Thursday 6/24/10 as we should witness a winner.

RECORDS Set: (Mahut vs. Isner)
7:06+ hours Longest Game Time
196+ Most ACES Combined
98+ each- Most ACES SERVED by one player
118!! -Total Games in a Set
10:00+ hr. – Total Match Time
Total Points Won
Total Points won in a set

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