About Tim Frentz and the founding of the HELPING HANDS CHARITY

Posted: July 16, 2010 in Helping Hands Events, Table Of Contents

Who am I and why do I sacrifice myself for the benefit of others?

I, Tim Frentz, experience numerous traits that lead me to believe my body was chosen to temple a very old spirit. While my mind was being molded by one grandparents christianity, mother’s hippy philosophy and fathers peaceful teachings, my soul realized the Christian bible was incomplete and I began searching for answers. I spent most my time outside of grade school classrooms, either exercising or studying historic leaders not mentioned in the Bible. From that time forward I continued praising Christianity while applying additional beliefs from around the world.

Over time I became more aware of the damage that every human’s actions were causing on all other forms of life. Another grandparent taught me the ways of the native elders and how they created their own power, food and resources. They pointed out how the USA was changing with a power shift towards unhealthy practices. I began growing my own food in high school, conserved my energy use and composted my family’s trash rather then let it go to a landfill.

In 1989, I experienced my first real close death with the loss of my father’s father. My grandmother, Norva Frentz, was heartbroken. I sensed her depression and began spending most every weekend with her for the next 7 years. Together we would look for things we could do to help others in need. Our random acts of kindness restored life to all those in our presence and inspired me to go to college to discover ways to increase my efforts.

My father is responsible for giving me some insight into a broad range of cultures. He took me on motorcycle rides across the entire USA. These trips gave me the confidence to take future explorations on my own. My mother’s parents passed away these years which freed me up to travel even more.

My exercising consisted primarily of soccer training through high school and led to scholarship offerings for many elite schools. I trained with the Olympic Program and was on injury reserve call for U21 international games.


Choosing the college was the most difficult decision in my life to that point. If I followed my commitment to soccer it would require me to move too far away to help raise my brothers. I found a way to train with a semi-pro team to keep my options of going pro open, while allowing me to study only 100 miles from my brothers.

From 1995-2002, I studied every major subject that I felt could help me return my country to a sustainable life.  The challenges were great as I battled several forces of temptation. My body needed to be strong so I maintained my soccer career by playing in two leagues, coaching youth, dating soccer players and training with the women’s Division 1 team and the local semi-pro team all while studying and working.

The temptations challenged me greatly over those years. My freshmen year I let beautiful women, parties, financial obligations, entrepreneurs and family add to the soccer distractions. In 1997, the creator saw me wandering from my path and woke me up with a near death experience. As of the moment I am writing this, I still have not recovered from the damage these two years would cause to my purpose.

I allowed myself to get sucked in to the evil society of the USA. I ran up credit debts to build a computer company. I purchased items I could not afford because advertising convinced me I needed them.  I trusted my family’s savings to an irresponsible friend with poor morals costing me nearly $30,000 that was intended to build my Helping Hands Charity. I quit growing food and started contributing to the pollution of mother earth.

After I recovered enough from my motorcycle accident, I went on a soul searching quest. I took my bike through Canada around the great lakes for several weeks. When I returned, I began fixing the damage in my life. The time I was spending with the computer company was redirected towards helping with my father’s construction company and school. I then went and studied Australia, New Zealand and Fiji.

I began putting my education to use to make progress on my mission by starting a service called TechCare. I listened to stories from my disabled cousin about how there was a lack of services to her community in Lincoln, NE and began providing them.

In 2000, my brother Jesse and my best friend, Sung Park, went with me to explore New York City and celebrate New Years Eve. Several of the years around this time I also went around the country competing in Professional Dart Tournaments to promote my mission and build supporters. Just when it seemed like I was stabilizing my life, my father’s mother passed away and I made a commitment to a girl. These events delayed my goals to expand my services nation wide.

Just before Halloween 2003, my father suffered a series of heart attacks leading to a quadruple bypass surgery. He would soon be diagnosed with terminal lung, brain and bone cancer so I limited my commitments to spend all my time with him before he would leave us.

It took me the next 3 years to finish his construction projects and get all our large items liquidated. From 2004-2006 I was overwhelmed with all the tasks my family left and I would advertise everywhere I could think of to find some affordfable help. After little help came from my friend circle, churches and such I became frustrated. Surely there were people out there who cared to help who could take some time away from their materialistic lives? I raised around $90,000 while building the Helping Hands foundation during this time and vowed to dedicate my life to providing the help others like me needed.

I made another big mistake and trusted a friends company to sign over accounts receivables to me in exchange for fronting their $23,000 payroll so their employees lives would not be affected by their bankruptcy. When the money came in, my loan was dishonored and my startup capital was nearly wiped out!!!

I took what money I had left, put my most important items into a travel trailer for storage and began reaching out to people across the country that were having troubles causing them severe depression. I also use the out reach to inform the public on facts regarding all the important topics surrounding them. I teach people how to truly be independent by making their own energy, collecting water, growing food, recycling, strengthening their bodies and working together as a community to avoid monetary dependency.

All of the Helping Hands Charity efforts can be followed on http://NetVibes.com/HelpingHandsNet . I am now working on liquidating the last of items in storage and publishing a book about these efforts to raise more money for expansion. This book will share all the details about these experiences and cite sources relating to all the topics. The events that happen after this is printed can be followed at http://FreeHelpingHands.wordpress.com and then they will be printed in the next volume. The proceeds from sales go to help fund these out reach programs so if you are given a copy please consider contributing to our cause.

  1. Larry says:

    Hey Tim,

    Good stuff. Thanks for sharing that information. Describing the adversity you faced – and overcame – provides an incentive to others to make their own “course corrections”. It’s hard, and it’s easy to feel like you’ve screwed up waaaay too much (trust me, I know), but it can be done.

    Hang in there, man.

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