A recent "Small Town" post on facebook

Posted: July 23, 2010 in Uncategorized

I recently posted the following comment on Facebook and got a intellectual conversation going….the following participants are initialed to distinguish quickly. For continued discussion after publishing of this post please visit my facebook profile.

Tim: Sitting at the Cairo NE pub beside someone who does not understand the Carona commercial where the 8 gets turned sideways to form a INFINITY symbol

tm: That’s my hubbys home town!

Tim: I hope I’m NOT sitting with some of his cousins – j/k  8-p

tm: Why do u say that?

cd: TIM. You are in a small town in Nebraska…this can’t shock you too much ..lol

nc: That’s fantastic :p

sd: RUDE! Just because people live in small town Nebraska doesn’t mean they are all stupid. If you ask me it takes a small mind to think so stereotypical! Apparently you don’t know that Tim is FROM a small town in Nebraska.

tm: Thank u Susie! its nice to know who ur true friends r

sf: Don’t forget that these are the people who insist it is called K-row.

tm: Obviously u don’t know what ur talking about either u must never have been there why would u all be making fun of people! karma is a bitch! And Tim u r suppose to be someone who helps others I’m really disappointed!

cd: You guys can’t be serious.. do know why they are small towns… because people leave them for opportunity … I have been there… have friends that lived there… picked up a hitch hiker who was leaving there.. joking around is just that joking.. its when the joke hits home that it is taken offensive. Tim was helping people in this post..he was explaining that the eight symbol turned side ways means infinity .. it is in his nature to help. Karma will repay you Tim..for helping someone understand a commercial and thus spreafing knowledge. Here is to the cause. People need to chillax.

sd: I tell my children that when a joke is at the expense of others it is not funny. Yes – people do leave and seek opportunities and lives elsewhere and some people stay and live long, happy lives right where they started. Some people start in big cities and find happiness in smaller places. To each their own. It just bothers me when people assume… See More that us small town people are “less than” just because we chose to live here… and yes my cousin is a wonderful man who has done great things for a lot of people. Calm down Talana – I don’t think Tim meant anything bad 🙂

tm: Well I just thought it was rude all my family lives there and surrounding towns I just got offended maybe he was joking but I just made a comment that it was my husbands hometown and didn’t care for the response sorry if I pissed anyone off I didn’t mean to upset anyone I’m not a mean person and don’t like to hurt others feelings so I am sorry to all of u! It won’t happen again

tm: If u read all the post the karma was not directed toward Tim @ all I was just upset I really am sorry

mc: Tim is an exception, small town people everywhere tend to be less educated and ignorant, I live in a small town in PA and the other day when I mentioned that I had moved here from Nebraska I was asked “isn’t that in Iowa somewhere?” and the guy was serious!

cd: Listen any joke can be linked to someone or groups expense. I understand small town. love and that not all people are stupid that live in them. However people who have little worlds tend to have a. narrow view of life. Leaving and experiencing cultures large and small..is what makes this world better. Small towns have there place in society..but … let’s be realistic its not the seat of intelligence.growth and opportunity. I personally think to each his own.. I prefer city..I enjoy being immersed in thought and culture … arts and science. However some prefer simple..its when simple meets diversity and has a knowledge gaining moment their world grows.my two cents

gm: every day i have wit my wife and kids and every day i work im thankfull for tim and his dad! they introduced me to my wife and gave me a skilled trade! im proud to call him family! thanks timmy!

sd: Yes…I didn’t mean to start a commotion! Points taken, I apologize.

mm: Good friend down here in Austin is from Cairo, NE. I think she was pretty happy to get out… She also knows what an infiniti symbol is. : )

tim: (below)

woahhh – It’s amazing how a simplistic comment can be dissected and lead to a multiple person debate.

I got a chuckle out of the moment because the discussion went on for a good 60 seconds or so between this (40yr old ish) couple and the (20 somethin) bartender before another commercial came on and derailed the conversation. No one ever did explain it to them. I was never asked into the talk to explain it so I just had to share the moment with my friends.

It was meant to be a quick laugh posting but the conversation amongst friends turned towards debating small town folk generalizations. This thread provided me with some interesting reading for my day but it holds a serious lesson within… What defines a small town person? Is it accurate to even define a person by their immediate location? What label would be more appropriate for someone who has a low amount of education, travel experience and/or low desire to be surrounded by a larger number of people? And just how do you decide what % of education or what level of travel or just how many residing people per mile equals a large amount? hmmm… And what if a person moves around but avoids larger cities?

TALANA – my apologies for not being able to interpret that I was just joking and trying to make you have a simple laugh by the cousins comment. It is in bad taste when not able to laugh with you in person about the comment. I do not recall you being rude to anyone in your facebook posts EVER so to those who have just met Talana thanks to this thread…. I vouch for her…. she is a kind and loving person who is hurt when someone shows signs of being offensive. Glad to see no one directly pointed obscenities at Talana.

SIDE NOTE: Talana was a wild child in her youth when I last knew her though but we have not talked in 15 years and like most of us, she has matured. Maybe we will get to know each other better at this weekends class reunion picnic?

SUSIE – Thanks Cuz for having my back in defense and reminding peeps I am from GI… I do not think Christina or Nicole meant to be rude. If you are talking to someone face-to-face and they say “u r n small town Nebraska, that can not shock you” —- you will be able to distinquish that those who are serious will come from being raised and spending their entire life in a city. They will have a clearly defined lack of experience and low level of intelligence. It is the same concept of commenting on people by their ethnicity. You can not make an assumption or generalization on a culture unless you have lived there for an extended amount of time. Christina and Nicole are from small towns and were just enjoying the discussion and I am 100% certain they were smiling while typing. Joking at the expense of others is what everyone needs to try to avoid. You will never see me point a finger and identify someone directly or even as a group if it is offensive unless they have a proven track record of being evil. I will pick on the administration of GW my entire life but I will not pick on one individual because I have not had the opportunity yet to spend time with them and discover the truth from them directly.

PS: I will track you down before I leave GI for a long time again. I may not be back for over a year. I go to Des Moines, Sturgis, WY, CO then back to GI to repack then to TX, New Orleans/AL/MS (oil cleanup) maybe taking me into the Carribean then possibly Argentina. If I make it to Argentina by plane I plan on sailing and biking most of the way back which will take all of 2011. I can never look that far ahead because of the charity work but I’ll keep ya posted.

SCOTT – I don’t understand K-row? I know it is the bible belt though… Is it a corn or drug thing?

ALL – There are a lot of great points made in this discussion. What no one above mentioned was that I was in a bar and ALCOHOL likely played the culprit. While it is TRUE, The larger a persons bubble/experience/border/education and so on…. the larger their understanding, keep in mind we all have forgotten a word on the tip of our tongue. Not understanding or remembering something entices us all to pick up a book or visit a search engine like Ecosia.org to discover new knowledge.

We all know that no 2 single people are identical. Small Nebraska towns have property owners that represent our species in everything from outter space to world government. They just get away more then most! I’m sure there was someone else in the pub at that same moment who have spent weeks at a time in far away cultures.

We can not place people into groups based on location of residence. Please try to refrain from labeling people as “small town folk”. We could however group them accurately by level of intoxication. While percentages based on geography can be estimated, it can never be assumed that all people living in a rural community share any common traits such as “low IQ”.

Someone with 10 years of higher learning may not have identified the infinity sign with a good buzz on. Heck, maybe the man beside me was the mayor for all I knew.


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