Surviving in the Black Hills on a Tiny Budget

Posted: August 23, 2010 in GREEN, TRAVEL / Gatherings

With a modest amount of sacrifice, you can live in the Black Hills comfortably for next to nothing. Here is a list in progress of how I am doing it…

-Tell the state park south toll operator you are just taking hwy 16a through the park to avoid the toll.

-eat food from the forrests, grocery store, casino comp food and hotel continental breakfast. Review your North American survival notes or book and try to go every third day only on natures food and spring water. 

-wait until 11:40 to go into Full Throttle to avoid concert night covers during Sturgis rally.

-camp in free secluded spots like hiking trails

 -enjoy free concerts at spots like Saloon 10

-spend a day helping to cleanup Sturgis and raise money

-use birthday and new player comps at casinos to get free food and cash

-mingle with celebrities to increase your networking power. They are everywhere during the Sturgis Rally.

-swim and do laundry in the free creeks

I will be adding to this list as I have time to chill and write in the wilderness.

-to be continued….

  1. sue conway says:

    doing laundry in creeks? hope you are using an eco friendly soap!!

  2. the white edel berries can breakup a stain but for the most part I do not need soap to rinse the dust off

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