State Green Energy Laws Updates

Posted: September 18, 2010 in GREEN, Table Of Contents

Here is a review of the changes that were up for debate in Nebraska Energy Law for 2010

101st Legislature
Renewable Energy Legislation Summary Sheet

LB 689 Change Water Resources Cash Fund, Ethanol Production Cash Fund and
ethanol excise tax provisions (Natural Resources)

LB 704 Change A Renewable Energy Tax Credit (Revenue)

LB 755 Provide requirements and fees for certain oil and natural gas pipelines
(Natural Resources)

LB 774 Change Provisions relating to sales tax treatment of net metering

LB 797 Change Duties of the Nebraska Power Review Board (Natural Resources)

LB 845 Require Energy Conservation by State Agencies (Natural Resources)

LB 885 Transfer the responsibilities of the Nebraska Oil and Gas Commission and
the State Energy Office to the newly created Nebraska Energy Commission.
(Natural Resources)

LB 960 Change Provisions Related to Net Metering (Natural Resources)

LB 997 Require Cities’ Comprehensive Plan to Include an Energy Element
(Urban Affairs)

LB 1048 Provide for Approval and Taxation of Certain Power Generating Facilities
Using Wind as a Fuel Source (Natural Resource)

LB 1049 Change Provisions Relating to Community Based Energy Projects

LB 1080 Provide Tax Incentives for Wind Energy Projects (Revenue)

LB 1098 Authorize Creation of Sustainable Energy Financing Districts by
Municipalities (Urban Affairs)

LB 1099 Authorize the Establishment of a Recycling Program in Cities of the
Metropolitan Class(Urban Affairs)

IF YOU WANT full details on these bills we can send you a report. You can also find the info at

Please add updates for your state in the comments section so we can paste them into the article.


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