Formula for a Healthy Life

Posted: September 19, 2010 in Creative Writings, GREEN, Table Of Contents

The formula for a healthy life is balance. Yin and yang. Dark and light. Life and death.

Human beings don’t want to admit that they have put the world off balance.

Nature is the will of all powers beyond.

Earth is but one tiny cell of billions.

Leave nature alone and let it take it’s course.

Be greatfull in appreciation that you have been blessed to manifest in the healthiest bubble of life.

Human’s get greedy and try to alter nature.

Live your day as if it was your last.

Don’t opperate on your organs or take unnatural medicine in hopes of prolonging your fate.

You only contribute to offsetting the balance by avoiding the fate nature intended for you.

Don’t be greedy at the expense of those around you. Accept your destiny and embrace it.

IF you don’t harm other animals then they don’t need you to protect them.

Animals react to instincts.

It is their destiny to feed when they are hungry.

Animals will populate as nature intended and if left alone their numbers will stay in balance.

Petroleum was placed deep in the crust of the Earth and there it must remain.

Plant oils were intended to provide for such needs.

The sun provides all the energy this world needs.

Trees are the saviors of earth.

Trees perform the labors of life.

Trees produce & filter the water, produce & clean the air, provide shelter and food.

Do not harm your living trees and reuse those without life.

Do not be fooled by evils of materialism and want.

We create our own and barter for what we need.

The secret of Life is a circle.

Make little, Use less, Waste none, and Reuse all!

When you are ready to live as your creator intended, join our communities and live in peace, love and enlightenment.

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