How to Join the Green Movement

Posted: September 19, 2010 in Uncategorized
The Green movement helps you learn how to replace unhealthy living styles which you most likely grew up with.

Here is a list of HOW YOU CAN HELP increase the Green Movement:

– RIDE a BICYCLE, scooter and use Public Transit and WALK (exercise)

– CAR POOL when Possible and Drive electric vehicles (EV) charged by solar and wind for local travel.
– FIND US an EV manufacturer in Nebraska

– USE Diesel Vehicles for towing and large equipment powered by YELLOW Diesel

– YELLOW DIESEL is sold at Petro Price by (NGF Coop) (Lyons NE)
– Install a YELLOW Diesel Maker in your garage with some neighbors to MAKE YOUR OWN (NGFC sells, installs and trains you how)

– GROW YOUR OWN FOOD and trade with Neighbors

– IF you must drive a Petro Vehicle then install a Hydro Booster unit to increase the mileage 25+% (NGFC Designs these)

– USE Solar and Wind generators. Contact us here or for pricing and consult. I sell and install them with Partners like JL Energy and Neb. Renew Energy Systems.

– Share this link and info with other people!

– Volunteer with Frentz’s Helping Hands Charity Network (

– PLEASE add your info here

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