Quotes, Lyrics n Stuff

Posted: September 20, 2010 in Creative Writings, Table Of Contents
“i am the shaman, and you are the chief. you are the owner, and i am the thief. you’re in the center, i’m on the edge, now take my hands and make this pledge– without me, there’d be no you… without the false there’d be no true, without the darkness and the night, there’d be no day, there’d be no light… yang and yin, thick and thin, foe and friend, end and begin.”

-Nicole Anderson


lakes are better then the ocean and beach
because you can go around in a circle instead of going so far in a straight line…
but you can not jog on the water like a beach…
you have to dodge trees and follow a road sometime…
but riding my motorcycle around the lake is easier
then riding on the sand of a beach

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