The next morning we gave our extra provisions to those whom wanted them and left the rest on the picnic table before heading around the southern tip to get to Lahaina in the north for snorkling and sun.

We went to Lahaina and rented snorkle gear for $9 and then headed to mile marker 14 where locals said there was the best color available for the north. Some say the south is the best around La Parousse and that there are more shark attacks reported in the north.

We had fun snorkling around a capsized catamaran that had struck the coral the previous night. There was plenty of colorful tropic fish but only about 5% of the coral has survived the bleaching. Sung was falling over in his flippers so I took a few picts and this good looking lady beside us started laughing.

Angela France had brought over a crate with her car and piano and everything else when being transferred from the San Diego Hard Rock to the Maui location. She had to go visit a sick friend back in California and while she was there her roommate was evicted due to forclosure and all of her stuff was left unattended. If she would of known about our Helping Hands services then, we could have went and protected her stuff until her return. By the time she was able to get back most her stuff had been stolen and her pictures and things were scattered all around. I gave her our information and told her to check in and let me know how we can help as she gets things worked out. She was living in a tent until she got her income tax return and then deciding what to do next.

We rushed our snorkle gear up to the Bo Frog drop
and then got over to the airport. Sung forgot his glasses on the visor but didn’t realize it until it was too late. The Maui airport security was more picky then LAX and Honolulu so I had to dump out half my mouthwash and toothpaste. We had a pinup bunny in front of us on this flight. She had her sugar daddy rock star with her the whole time so I never got to talk to her.

Scott met us at the airport and gave us a ride back to his place for the night. We made a quick stop and then went to a Korean Barbaque for super. It cost $22 each for all you can eat and grill. I got a little bit of internet stuff done before we got hammered while watching Mall Cop back at the house. The next thing I knew I passed out and the sun was coming up.

The next morning we went to Waikiki Beach for breakfast at a place called Lulu’s. It has a second floor lookout over the hotties on the beach and great food. You can park by the zoo for $2 an hour on meters.

After breakfast we went to the center of Oahu to pick up their VW bug from the repair shop and then it was time to catch our flight back to LA. This time the Honolulu security person kept my body spray, mouthwash, peanut butter and jelly.

On the flight there was no one near me interested in talking so I was able to focus on getting caught up on my writing. Sung left his phone in Scott’s car and his drivers license fell into the luggage scale crack while showing it to security so he was having a ruff day. We watched “Where the Wild Things Are” and “The Time Travelor’s Wife” and again got no free food. I found out that most airlines stopped free meals and stopped offering stand by flights in order to keep prices low. It cost more for me to get a one way ticket then to pay a $150 transfer fee if I wanted to stay longer.

Sunset flights are so beautiful. You get to see every color as the light refracts equally as far as you can see. The best part is the last few minutes when the darkness is dominate and the kalidoscope is the strongest like the Pink Floyd’s darkside of the moon album art.

Once back to LA we took the shuttle to the train and back to the depot by Sung’s house. The next few days would be spent catching up on internet business while waiting for my uncles next semi pickup in LA.

I decided to put up a listing as a travel tour guide for Maui for next winters return. I could focus on fans of the show “Lost” and I could show them some hidden spots where scenes were filmed along with taking them through the best of Maui. With a private tour guide you would get a chaufer, photographer, trail guide, personal shopper and personal assistant to handle advance reservations. This service would provide extra funding for our charity while I spend time there writing about people I am helping there.


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