Green Efforts to Clean Up The U.S.A.

Posted: September 24, 2010 in GREEN, Helping Hands Events, Table Of Contents, TRUTH / Occupy
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President Obama is bringing back President Carter’s solar energy plan for the White House back.

Here is a list of what you can do to clean up the United States and do your part to reverse the contamination before you become another illness statistic. Most of the following topics are directly related to the increase in cancer and other leading illness’ surrounding your loved ones.


~Here is a list of stores that are charging for plastic useage:

~You can switch to BioPlastics and non tree based paper products made from hemp, corn stalks and other related biomass.


The Green movement helps you learn how to replace unhealthy living styles which you most likely grew up with.

Here is a list of HOW YOU CAN HELP increase the Green Movement:

– RIDE a BICYCLE, scooter and use Public Transit and WALK (exercise)

– CAR POOL when Possible and Drive electric vehicles (EV) charged by solar and wind for local travel.
– FIND US an EV manufacturer in Nebraska

– USE Diesel Vehicles for towing and large equipment powered by YELLOW Diesel
– YELLOW DIESEL is sold at Petro Price by (NGF Coop) (Lyons NE)
– Install a YELLOW Diesel Maker in your garage with some neighbors to MAKE YOUR OWN (NGFC sells, installs and trains you how)

– GROW YOUR OWN FOOD and trade with Neighbors

– IF you must drive a Petro Vehicle then install a NGFC Hydro Booster unit to increase the mileage 25+%

– USE Solar and Wind generators. Contact us here or for pricing and consult. I sell and install them with Partners like JL Energy and Neb. Renew Energy Systems.

– Share this link and info with other people!

– Volunteer with Frentz’s Helping Hands Charity Network (

Please Help us add to this list by adding links in the comments section!

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