Are you familiar with the “Transition” Movement?

Check out this eBook located by clicking here.

Those who are active in the movement follow announcements from

I am just getting familiar with the results in United States so I can not recommend people to support the group financially but I can say that their education seminars and training tactics are worth considering.

There is a formal training gathering Oct. 2/3 in Omaha, Nebraska to consider but the registration fee is high because they have not secured sponsors to pick up the speaker’s fees. I am hoping that they will get some sponsors soon and put on some more affordable events in the near future.

The following letter was sent to me from the Nebraska Director explaining their events. I hope to provide inside stories showing the groups results in the near future.



I agree with you about the math.  If double the people come, then we can reduce the price by ½.  And we can try to get a sponsor next time.

My experience:

What I really liked about the training is that it used exercises and models pulled from a variety of disciplines that I had not experienced before.  Also, it uses models and examples from the Transition Handbook which is the guidebook about permaculture and Pattern Language and how to transition from where we are to where we likely are going to be.

From a content perspective:

The first part of the session is designed to help one experience the enormity of the problem and challenge.  If you’ve been through the Awaken the Dreamer training, it’s not dissimilar to that.

The second part equips one with the facts to explain what’s happening in terms of peak oil, climate change, and social justice to others.

Then there is a session relating to what the world may become if we work together to create a dignified energy descent action plan.

Roles and objectives:

My objective is to support the vision of Transition.  There are people who are “away from” (i.e., move away from the negatives of Peak Oil and Climate Change and Social Justice).  I’m more of a “move toward” the goal of a better type of society.  Currently they are promoting permaculture and a new cosmology as promoted by architect Christopher Alexander (Pattern Language, The Nature of Order).

We really don’t have any roles outside of Transition Omaha at this point.

Here are 5 links:

One of the first transition towns:

The international organization:

The initiatives around the world:

The national organization:

The designing & building paradigm the movement is moving toward:

Let me know if you have any other questions, and please consider promoting this to your circle.




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