Cali Week 1

I checked in with Sung and he told me to find my way to Redondo Beach so his sister could come pick me up. I hung out there and wrote awhile on the beach and then as the sun was setting his sister Jen arrived. Jen and her fiancee lived in Lincoln and were visiting for the week. They met at the Mill Coffee Shop where he works. The Mill and another coffee joint called Jones Coffee are a few of the best social hangouts in Lincoln Nebraska. You can always find art culture and new friends in these areas.

Sung’s sister took me to Sung’s and opened the door for me and then they had to leave to go have dinner with all the family. I got unpacked and got caught up with my email while waiting for Sung. His place was perfect for writing.

His place was like an apartment complex but it was designed in a rectangle fortress style. It had underground parking with gates and locked stairways and the outside world was silenced out. There was a rec building with a game room, library, sauna, and weight room. There was a middle divider section with views of the courtyard on the south and the pool on the north and no sound of traffic.

Sung had a prime spot on the divider section. On the inside he had a hot tub and pool view from his window. The social rooms walls were the color of the sunset and there were paintings, plants and art in all the right places. The chi was in balance and the air full of positive energy. He had nice black furniture and a fancy media system with a huge flat screen tv, but what I really liked was his workout equipment. The condo was full of inspiration to do yoga and weight trainning. Just being there lifted my stress away. I was so lucky to have such a great friend in this healthy theraputic location.

Sung had to work the next several days as a salesman at Mercedez-Benz. His shifts rotate daily so the team has a fresh look on the floor. One day he would go in at 9, then it would be 11 and then 2. He would usually stay until 8 or 9p to keep up a dedicated persona for his boss. In his line of work you can not have two low quota months in a row without facing termination. It is a very stressful job and unfortunately most of those who choose the path, end up over treasuring material posessions. In Sungs case I would say that he was doing well at balancing. He shared his food freely and never complained about anything.

About the only difference of opinion we had was on eating out. I feel guilty if I spend more then $5 on a meal because I would rather anything more, be used to provide food to those in need. Once a month, I will submit to a superb meal out and that assures I am able to appreciate that meal fully in thanks. To me, food is sacred. I try to grow as much of my own food as possible and that effort reminds me to not take prepared food for granted. I am sad when I see people throw food away or when I think about all the waste of resources in the industry. Unfortunately, very few people share these feelings in common with me.

I got on and found a few events to check out for my first day in southbay LA. I took the bike and headed for the Harmosa beach area to play a game of soccer. The people were great and I met a nice couple from Omaha that had a son playing for Creighton. They go back and forth with the seasons. The players were not competitive enough and there were no girls interested in me there so I never went back.

From the field I went a few blocks over to Harmosa Pier. There were all kinds of great shops and bars there. It was a great spot to hang out and make new friends. I’m such a people person though that I found it very hard to concentrate on my writing on the beach. On days I need to focus I would have to write at the pool at Sung’s.

The beach was another place of paradise. People being friendly playing VBall and picnicing everywhere. The breeze was a bit cool but for JANUARY in this region, a person can not complain. I rode north along the bike path about a mile and passed a few recognizeable celebs. It was nice seeing them be treated like normal people and just blending in. I still wish more of them would talk to me though so we could help each other’s charities.

Once I got to Manhattan Beach I watched another perfect sunset over the ocean pier with palm trees swaying to and fro and then headed inland. My shelter was only 15 minutes in from the beach along Manhattan Blvd. The ride was perfect as well. The inclines were moderate, the road wide, the neighborhood safe with retail and there was a large park in the middle. Basketball and soccer was plenty as were the ethnicities surrounding.

Sung and I agreed to a few projects fomr me to do during the week so I could be earning my keep while working on my book. I would spend my first hour cleaning and doing dishes etc. each day and then after my yoga and weight workouts I would do a larger project. The first week I hung frames and fixed his computer. One morning he took me to a mexican café to try his favorite burrito. Since I do not eat out much, most anywhere he took me would be a new food experience. The combination of Lime and salsa with the veggies, cheese and meat was unbelievable.

On his first half day off we went to Hollywood. We went to a breakfast at a coffee diner with a view of the Hollywood mountain sign in the background and had this amazing omlette. Sung explained to me that he had taken the first 11 days of February off and wanted to go to Hawaii to get away from the stress of be ing on the chop block at work. If I went there would be a lot of benefits like we splitting costs, security, safety and it would add to the whole experience in general. I told him I would research the costs and that if I was ever going to make it there this would be the perfect scenario to get familiar with the area. We walked around a few minutes and then he had to leave for work.

I choose to be adventurous and stay behind and ride a bus home. Hollywood Blvd was exciting. Everyone knows it for the stars on the sidewalk but I enjoyed profiling the street sleepers and the hidden gems like the farmers market on the side streets. View my video of all the great street performers and vendors on myspace or youtube. Every veggies and fruit was present, along with a good string band and horn group. I invested in some natural fruit lemonade to fill my water bottle.

From the farmers market, I headed west to the tourist section by Kodak and Chinese Theatre. As most large tourist areas, there were street performers everywhere hoping for donations. Several were look-a-likes to a celeb and they would stand on their star to get pictures for money. Some would even dance, sing or play an instrument. Once I get a shirt, flyer and CD of this book printed I will be out there with them also. All it takes is to get this book in the hands of one wealthy person who wants to support our efforts. I hope that all who read this will pass it on to their successful friends as well.

While I was walking to the Chinese theatre I noticed a gorgeous asian beside me. As my eyes wandered from her brown eyes and white pearly teeth down her long hair they arrived at a sight so shocking that I found my self praising god above. Hallealuia my mind shouted as my senses realized she was walking around in a white thong with two micro poke a dots on it. As I looked around further I realized I was surrounded by several people without pants.

From models to big Nebraska sized linemen, people of all origins and health were shedding their pants. As we arrived at the Chinese theatre the place was surrounded by nearly 200 people in their underwear or swimsuits. Technically I was participating because I was wearing my commando swim suit as well.

I hung around for the group pictures and then focused on the bus route to get home. The bus was an hour late the people said so I started chatting to people near me. One nice gentlemen was going around providing Burger King food to the malnurished around us. When I asked him how I could keep in touch with him he said he didn’t use a computer. I honored his request and simply thanked him for his efforts. His actions are exactly what I try to recruit into our Helping Hands Charity and I’m sad I could not convince him to join us. There is a huge void in the world for those with similar ambition and love for thy neighbors.

I was about 15 miles away from Sung’s so the bus ride took about an hour. I had to take it to the last stop and then still take the train a mile over to the condo. It was a great adventure day. That night I read more about the no pants group and saw how several cities around the world were all taking pantless walks and then partying on their subways  that day. I’m still looking for the online group presence that randomly meets with other exciting objectives. If you know of one, please share.

My next project at Sung’s was to paint the bedroom. I took this opportunity to test our broadcasting software to stream live on UStream from our myspace page. I was also doing this during the BCS championship game so streaming that game got our pages a large audience.

He picked a nice olive green for rejuvination for most the walls and a lighter green for the sink area. It was an excellent choice for the room. It took awhile to get the touch up and edging done. After this project I was ready for another adventure.


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