Sung’s next free day we went downtown and did a photo exposae on those in need of help. We visited the alleys and missions and street vendors. We also drove China Town and Korea Town. We went through some rough areas but I never felt in danger. There are several great pictures on our site. We did a lot of fun things together like my first Korean Barbaque experience and street cruising.

My next solo adventure was a bit on the wild side. I wanted to experience the Golden Globe Awards and Beverly Hills. I wanted to be in the same area as hundreds of the worlds most successful people at the same moment in time so I prepared for the 15 mile bike ride each way. The Subway and bus routes were complicated to get from Manhattan to the Hills and it was raining hard so I didn’t want to wait around.
Angelians driving in the rain is the equivalent of Northerners driving on ice. I knew I would have to watch out for careless drivers and that there were no straight roads to get where I wanted to go. I put my phone in a sanwhich bag and off I went.
I ran into a high hill with only a freeway going over it so I had to go a mile out of the way around side streets. I eventually found my way to another main street that took me to the Beverly Hills area. I didn’t have time to go to the Rodaeo Drive area cause the red carpet festivities were happening right as I got in the area.
The Hills Hotel was blocked off by security but there is a clearing from the fence for fans to watch. The view was perfect because the vehicles drive 20 feet in front of you so you can see the celebs who have their windows down and then you are even with them as they pull over to get out at the door.

As the ceremony began it was getting dark and the rain was increasing so I didn’t get to wander near the playboy mansion as hoped. There was a wonderful lady beside me that was sharing her stories about how she flys from Florida to meet celebs in hotel lobbies and to crash parties. Leslie Miller was definately a friend that could get me close to meeting a celeb in person. After talking about my efforts to improve the world for awhile she invited me to come hang out with her group at their Intercontinental hotel room.
I made my way to their hotel and sent her a text while debating how long to stay. It was raining hard and I was not dressed for going anywhere else with them but it would be fun to talk with new friends so I waited about 10 minutes for a reply. My battery was dying so I called and left a message explaining I would wait downstairs for 5 more minutes and then leave if I didn’t see her.

The ride home was scary at times when I would have to be in the street with low visibility from the rain. Any second a car could swerve and end me but I put my faith in the spirits watching over me and pedaled with every ounce of strength I could muster.

I found myself entering the airport area and wondered if the bike trail would go under the runway or not. I went a mile in and then the trail came to a dead end at a freeway. I took it about 100 yards but then came to the underpass and there was no shoulder. There was no way to pass with the speedy traffic so I went back and asked a security guard for guidance. I had to go another mile out of the way on a eastward freeway shoulder to hit a southbound main street. Eventually, as I entered my 6th hour and 32nd mile, exhausted and soaked, I passed out on the couch in the comfort of the condo.
The experience left me in wonder of what if I had more time and could have taken the beach trails or Subway. I would soon experience the alternatives on following adventures.
One night Sung felt like going to a Karioke meetup. There was a live band and you would sing with them as they played. The food and people were great. There were about 20 dancing with each song which gave the event that true party atmosphere. It was a lot of fun and Sung dancing with all these girls provided me with memorable laughs. He even got a phone number and a follow up dinner date out of the event.

The next day Sung had off we went to Venice beach. The Venice area has a large park with BBall, skating, weight gym and much more. The walk ways are filled with vendors and performance artists. I talked to (a Volunteer with the Venice Board Walk Coalition) about the efforts to protect independent artists rights on the walkway. City officials have been increasing regulations that made it hard for the artists to continue their work there. Permits and registration processes have been put in place that suck unattainable funds away from the artists.

Large business’ were being granted the permits and they bring in machine made goods that take sales away from independent artists. The 100+ year tradition of art in the park is coming to an end at Venice Beach. There are over 200 nomadic people in this park all helping each other through this revenue stream and the culture is at risk of extinction.
This would be a new cause for our Charity to help with once we gain funding. We would like to go find the poorest artists struggling to keep up their fight and help them with your contributions so please consider donating by sending funds via PayPal to as soon as possible. We would pay their permits and help with the legal battle against corporations as well as provide any other urgent cares the artists need. We could search for a painting or other art item and buy it for you and ship it in exchange for your funds. Get in touch to discuss the details asap.
There was also a group from ( ) church handing out food for those in need. I talked to people there and exchanged contact info. When I am current on my writing, I would come back to the area and help volunter.
As the sunset fell we worked our way to a bar to watch the Vikings-Saints game. About 70% of the people were cheering for the Vikes. The cheepest pitcher of beer cost $18 but people didn’t seem to care as I saw them be refilled like water. The final plays of regulation found the Vikings dominating but even in points due to 5 turnovers. Yet they had the ball in field goal range with seconds remaining and the win all but sealed.

I was chanting the then infamous American Idol Major G lyrics “Saints on the ground, saints on the ground, looking like fools cause the Vikes put them down!!! Turf in your mouth, helmet turned sideways thinking you could rule that looking like a fool. Walking around town with your heads hung down, WHO DAT?!?!?! Saints on the ground, Saints on the ground… looking like a fool!”
Then in a blink of an eye, an unlucky interception and coin flip would soon land the Saints a miracle win and later, the Super Bowl victory.
As I drug my lip and purple jersey out of the bar we heard the sound of drums in the air. We followed our ears to the source of the beat and arrived at a group of 40 some kind artists ending the day in thanks. It was only 8pm and just as the energy was building, the cops came and made everyone be quiet. As Sung and I drove home, I noted a new goal to find a location where the drum circle was not silenced from their freedom of speech. More pictures of this day are on our site along with a drum circle video.

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