Maui HI Week 2

Posted: September 29, 2010 in GREEN, Helping Hands Events, Table Of Contents, TRAVEL / Gatherings
From the beaches we drove to the southern tip to La Perousse bay and hiked the lava field looking for whales. There was a great spot where the water had tunneled about 40 feet under the lava and you could see the pink walls.
There was no snow left on the summit and during January there was a lack of rain so all the streams and falls were low. The water was even a foot below the measuring stick.
  Our next stop was the 7 pools trail which takes you into the bamboo forrest. It is 2.5 miles up about 1k feet along the falls, over bridges, past a large banyan tree, through bamboo jungle until you reach a 500 foot monster waterfall.
We had to drive about 25 miles back to get to the road that went up to the 10.4k volcano cratter. It took about an hour to go 25 more miles up the steepest inclining road in the world. From the top you could see everything above the clouds within a hundred miles. It was the best yoga and meditation location up to the publishing time of this book.

It was here that we met ranger Megan from San Fran and americor McKenzie from PA. They were great company and told us to go through the forrest preserve on the way down. Camping was free there so we set up camp for the night and then went on out exploring the next mountain road over.

The roads along the mountain will keep you on edge. We drove a second road to a more private park. On the drive we saw a pheasant fly in front of us and a little bit higher up there were cows on the road. One spot had a couple car engines way at the top and you have to wonder why they ended up there.

Below the entrance to the ( ) rec area there were a bunch of people camping and partying for Saturday night so we knew it was a great spot but we had already set up by the crater road.

From there we went back up the State Park road to our camp site and got buzzed. We had fun describing our day to my brother over the phone while dancing around the campfire. We walked the bird trails in the dark and watched the stars. The place was amazing as there were no smells or sounds. There were no bird noises or wind at all.

The temp dropped to the mid 30s thru the night but breathing inside the thermo sleeping bags kept us warm enough.

Out of the darkness rises this glorious ensemble of nature’s finest philharmonic. As my consciousness drifts towards the source of the island bird’s concerto, my eyes slowly open.

I wiggle my head out of its sleeping bag burrow to discover the sun is nowhere near ready to join me. I do not want to spend one more moment in the darkness so I continue to unzip my cocoon. There is just enough light peaking over the volcano ridge to light my surrounding.

The faint orange of the tent is just noticeable enough now that I find my way to the door. As I quietly crawl out to bless the canyon life surrounding me, I am greeted by thousands of tropical birds, all singing their praise of glory.

Blanketed by the soliloquies of more bird species then nearly any other single location on the planet earth, I slowly climb from the perch holding the tent safe on the inner rim of the Haleakala Volcano. I climb to the ridge high above and peer over the edge revealing the silhouette of the palm trees amidst the morning light glimmering over the ocean horizon.

As I begin my morning yoga meditation on the rocky cliff, the birds begin to conclude their hymn while the sun simultaneously rises over the ocean. The sun light brightens, revealing my surrounding and showering the tropical plant life in the distance. As I gather my mind in prayer, I give thanks for life and ask myself, “How can I improve the world when I am on the secluded island of Maui?”


It was brisk but tollerable while making our oatmeal in the morning. We chatted with our neighbors from Chile and Tennessee and then headed to Hana.

We took a scenic road thru the ( ) forrest reserve and there were huge tree along most of the roadside. Sung was a bit irritable on this drive as the normal human emotions got the best of him. A dead end sign got him worked up as he questioned my navigating, not realizing there was another turn.

The road to Hana was another coastal curve filled with waterfalls and hiking trails. We reached one spot where this couple was making out under a falls and I asked them about the area as I joined them. They told me to take a hike 7 minutes up stream to get to a better spot 3x bigger.

The trail was challenging and I did not put shoes on. I went up a muddy path for 3 minutes then followed a man made water culvert for a minute then followed the sound of the falls for a couple more minutes. I made a video of the trail and posted it on my youtube. The pool was about 20 feet below the path and I thought really long about diving in. I couldn’t see an easy way back up so I didn’t jump. Near this spot we got some softball+ size avacados from a fruit stand.

Our next stop was Hana. We pulled in to the bar to watch the super bowl and there was 2 girls from San Diego we ended up chilling with. We all cheered on the Saints and got along great through their victory.

Katy and her friend were from San Diego. They had a friend, Melvin Rogers who had just been murdered back in SC so I downloaded the news article for them. They invited us to camp with them and told us to go visit the red sands beach.

You have to walk past private local land and climb some rocks but it is worth the weird looks cause you will get some more adult activities like nude tanning.

Sung was a bit tipsy so he didn’t understand what I was doing or where I was going when I parked to hike to the red sands. We had our moment of argument and then got past the drama. I tried to tell him we couldn’t go to the ladies permit only campground until after 6 but he said just risk it and pay the guard. Once we parked we should have just left our stuff in the car because after only being there for 5 minutes the security guy chased us off.

We should have just walked around the shore until nightfall and then setup cause the guard was having a bad day. He wouldn’t even let us hang out with the ladies and made us leave or he was going to kick the ladies out too. Even without our camping gear, he probably would not have let us stay.

We said a brisk goodbye and had to decide between the 7 pools area and the red sands for camping. We choose the 7 pools and got around the final road curves just as the sunset.

There was tons of camping in the 7 pools area. There was not any fresh water but there were porto-pots. We setup camp next to about 12 party goers whom invited us over. There was a mixture of Alaskan construction workers and rental property owners and their local host. There were also a couple goth type girls who drove the grass up to edge of the cliff and three college kids with another cute chicka. It was a nice mixture of people to talk with. It was a shame we couldn’t get through to Katy so they knew to join us.


In the morning I got up to watch the sunrise as the rays bounced off the big island mountain peeks. There were attractive girls all around walking in bikinis and being friendly as we passed each other along the path to the water to bathe and do dishes. It was a true paradise.

When I turned on my phone there was a text from San Diego Katy asking us to come meet up with them. They wanted to share their extra pervisions with us because they had to catch a flight at the airport. We hugged in mahalo and went off our separate ways.

Since I had not found a major reason to stay I took about 15 minutes to check on flights back to Honolulu. Mokulele air said Sungs flight was full but when I used Mesa’s reservation on the same flight for and extra $14 it gave me a seat. When I called to complain their system said they were closed so I assume the online reservation server was faulty.

With my flight secure we headed towards the Venus Pool. We picked up hitcher Blake from Atlanta here and took him with us. We found the entrance to the venus pool and hiked along the creek until we found a path down to it. This is one of my favorite spots on the island. There is a cliff 25 foot above the water pool to jump off and you can swim about 100 feet to the skull cave. All 3 of us jumped off the cliff and cheered on a couple brazillians that were there. It took Sung a few tries to build up his kombai but once he got the first one out of the way he didn’t want to stop. Blake did a double flip that almost convinced me to do it.

Blake told us he was staying at a commune near Lindbergs grave, a mile up from our camp at 7 pools. The owner, Jeanne, will let people join in exchange for land labor so this is one of the first places I will return to on my next visit.

After our hike we met a couple nomads and gave them some food before heading around the southern tip to get pictures of the sunset. Along the south you get plenty views of grand canyons and the arid climate similar to Arizona. I like that on a tropical island you can drive a couple hours and get every taste of mother nature similar to Seattle, LA, NY and Florida.
  As the sun set we headed back to our camp and met Ryan White of Fire Wind Pictures and his wife, another Couple from Vancouver, and our two Nomads and their dog. We all ate and partied together and shared resources and stories.

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