March 2010
I got this awesome letter from one of the greatest peeps I have met on the road. Will and I rocked Fargo with some hotties and 2008 Blues Artist of the Year Tab Bennoit all night long in a Tipi and river rafted the next day.

Will is in Venice Beach and sheding light on the current battles they are facing to survive as performing artists there.

Contact me for his # and drop him a hello to learn all about life as a starving artist in VB So Cali.

hugs 4 brotha Will



I have come to learn through my faith that everything happens for a reason. In the past I have wondered why our paths had crossed and I think it is about time to figure it out. I was just reading your latest blog and I want to tell you about how I have been spending my time and the path that led me here:
I was coming from Festival 8 with a group of friends and we were headed back up to Frisco with a drop off in LA. My friend suggested that we spend a few days in Venice and check it out. He had actually been urging me to do this for some time and now, 5 months later, I can see why. It is seemingly easy to live (on the streets) here in Venice due to the availability of resources. Not to get into detail: there are food drops, free clothing, TONS of programs. What attracted me the most is the fact that you can sell handmade goods every day right there on the boardwalk as well as utilizing the space for performance art (musical, performing, etc.)
Last week, I lost my phone charger. For a few days, I was running around trying to figure out how to solve this problem. Without money, at first you panic. I wondered how I was going to make those calls that I was supposed to make for different meetings to see what path leads to the most light. It was a very grounding experience in that I was once again shown that we are useless without our tools and how limited we are to our resources. I think about the artists that will create for hours if they only had a pencil and a few sheets of paper or a sewing machine and a few scraps of fabric. So many times I have walked down the street [with my guitar case] and I am asked to stop and play for a while. They will offer me near anything just to hang out and play for a bit. It isn’t because they want to here me play but because THEY want to play my guitar. Oh and once they do, the awesome soul and energy that I hear through their music and song. Out of all the places that I have travelled, I have never had the chance to sit with so many talented musicians without instruments.
A few months ago, I met a friend who ran a boutique on Abbot Kinney, the most “upscale” street here in Venice. I had crossed the shop a few times earlier and had asked her about it because her name was on the front. Since she had left the building a year earlier, it had been torn up by squatters and was in major disrepair. I urged her to talk to the owner about the space and finally, they had a meeting. The space was in such disrepair that it was deemed unusable and was going to be torn down but the lot behind the building would be made available to us and a second meeting was planned. Almost immediately, I started to jot down notes to devise a business plan for a community art space where artists could make a myriad of products to fund the space and themselves.
Unfortunately, before our next meeting, we were told that the space would become a restaurant and that use of the back lot was an impossibility. Momentum was lost, but not completely.
Right now I have a disease. It is called idle hands. I am forced to wonder why I sit every day on the boardwalk and play guitar and sell sage knowing that I am here for a higher purpose.
Unknowingly, I was drawn to your energy because you have the desire to help. I too, have a desire to dedicate my life to service. Please help me with my disease. It is unfortunate that we missed each other in Fargo last year. However, I will travel ANYWHERE to sit with you for tea and discuss our lives.
Peace be with you,
William Pallagi



Will spent the summer building a smoke business and then promoted it on the Greatful Dead Furthur Tour!

Check out his new venture operating from Venice Beach and spread these links for us please!

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Thank you so much for your help and support. I have worked so hard on this and I hope you can help all of my hard work pay off.


  1. will says:


    Thanks for all the support. Business is growing and doors are opening. Keep me posted on when you will be in the area.



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