My Night in Hall County Jail

Posted: October 26, 2010 in Creative Writings, Table Of Contents, TRAVEL / Gatherings, TRUTH / Occupy
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The Hall County Holding Facility is Worse then the actual Cell Block

I was looking forward to doing something memorable on 10/10/10 but the events that the day would bring were beyond my wildest imagination.

I stayed in the night of the 9th to get a bunch of eBay items listed expecting it to be my last night on the project for awhile. Around 1:45am I noticed a light shinning around the windows and as I was making my way to the door I heard the screen open and a knock follow.

A Hall County Seargant Steele met me at the door asking if it was the address to find my brother Jesse. He then went on to explain my brothers car had been found abandoned after sideswiping a parked car and sliding sideways into a tree. I promised I would bring him to the station in the morning and he left content with my cooperation.

The next hour of events were a blur but soon my brother was safe at our mom’s so I could treat him for a concussion, multiple head wounds, an arm laceration, cracked ribs and misc. body bruises. After making sure he was stable I was going to take him to the station for questioning.

The crash scene investigating officers were not so content. They decided to come banging on our door around 3:30a and I didn’t want to get my mom all worked up so I went outside to talk to them.

They were not content with my cooperation so they put me in the back of the car and threatened to charge me for something like harboring a criminal if I did not let them in to search for my brother.

I was not allowed to get my coat or shoes and was rushed to the correction facility for processing. It was an interesting experience and I was glad they decided to take me to be by my brothers side through the trauma. They made me strip and shower and then put on prison stripes and range round toed sandals.

Then I waited an hour in a cell before being informed of what I was being incarcerated for. I never did get my actual Miranda rights read to me because Nebraska law says they can only need to do that if the things I say are going to be recorded and used in court. Some kind of loop hole to prevent me from using my rights against them I guess. I am such a simple man that I do not care for all the legalities in life but this was one time I wish I felt a bit more educated in the matter.

I was held in a 60 degree room with 4 gents from other countries whom did not have passports and papers. They talked the entire time in Spanish and between their noises and the cement bench and bright white lights, it was impossible to sleep. At 4:30a I was processed with my finger prints and pictures. They also asked me a series of personal questions covering my medical history. The finger print machine was a scanner instead of the traditional ink card system. This allowed for my palm and wrist prints to also be taken.

It was about this time that my brother finally arrived. They had taken him to the hospital to be examined before being placed in the holding cell. They put him in the cell next door so I didn’t even get to keep a close eye on him to make sure he was ok. We did get to see each other off and on through the process though. During breakfast we got to peak out of the cell at each other and around 11:30a we got to make our phone calls after finding out what our bonds where set at.

My bail was 10% / $25000 and my brothers was 2 counts of 10% / $25k. After finding out our bail we then got our mom to come down and put the money in these atm machines. We waited an hour and then asked why we were still not being released. The desk clerks looked us up in the system and said the wrong amounts were paid so we had to call again. They told our mom the wrong amounts so around 1p she came back again and this time the machine was broke so they had to send a person 50 yards through the facility by foot. This apparently took until 2pm and then I was instructed I could go.

They said my brother would take yet another hour for some reason so I went home with my mom and got my car and then went back to pick up my brother.

The night was one I will never forget. It brought me and my brother as close together as anything one could ever imagine.

The next day I would take him to the Dr. for X-rays and we went to salvage his things out of the car. When I say it the night of the wreck I did not see the drivers side so I thought it was fixable but at in the light at the salvage yard it was obvious he hit the tree hard enough to break the rear axle and bent the frame. My brother was very lucky the tree hit 2 feet behind him!!!!!

I hope none of my friends ever have to go through a similar experience.

Hugs the ones you love every chance you get!

Peace and Love,



10/27 UPDATE:

Just got out of court — $375 fine for accompanying my little brother to the clink. His court date is still be negotiated by his lawyer.

  1. Nichols says:

    Your not alone. I have a family member who also had their civil rights walked all over, went through a similar nightmare that lasted longer. History repeates itself, now a Fascism goverment, and no one gives a damn

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