The Nebraska Fight for Energy Fairness

Posted: October 27, 2010 in GREEN, Helping Hands Events, Table Of Contents, TRUTH / Occupy
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The Nebraska Fight for Energy Fairness
Nebraska remains to be one of many states left in the USA that do not have strong policies in favor of renewable energy.

At the begining of every year, Nebraska citizens rally behind Renewable energy leaders such as the director of the NE Renewable Energy Association, Robert Byrnes. They sit in committee hearings and debate with BIG corporate lobyists in hopes of convincing the politicians to write amendments to the laws that will help create a healthier balance between the citizens and greedy corporations.
Here is an update on one such day of battle written by Mr. Byrnes.

These updates can be followed by joining the NE Renewable Energy Association ( or at least by signing up for their Yahoo update group (


LB 960 hearing

I think we did very well at the hearing. It was great to watch the utility lobbyists grasping at straws as to why they were opposing the cap raise. Senators picked up on this and Sen. Haar questioned them on it right away. Normally these folks are extremely effective at the table, but it was as though the existence of LB 436 which gave them everything they wanted, left them toothless. They are so conditioned and trained to beat off citizen initiatives, they seemed quite unprepared to be on the defensive for a change. It was like an M-1 tank being unable to engage a small target right in front of it. I don’t know if the hearing video is recorded, but they do have NET streaming video on the homepage to watch it.

I am glad I brought the kids, because I think they saw the beginning of the end of the stranglehold that utility lobbyists have had over renewable energy policy in our state. They came off like a bunch of grumpy, ornery nay sayers that say no just because they want to!

Of course, the Natural Resources Committee can do whatever they want, but the feeling I got was very good. Having Sen. Fischer absent also changed the tone of the committee very much.

Hopefully it will get out of committee and come out into the daylight of the floor where the naysayer lobbyists are loathe to operate, kind of like vampires!

Thanks to all of you that wrote a letter or contacted the committee, if you haven’t, get ‘er done!



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