Help family ranchers fight BIG Meatpacker Companies

Posted: November 9, 2010 in GREEN, Helping Hands Events, Table Of Contents, TRUTH / Occupy
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Nobody likes a bully. Every day, farmers and ranchers face one of the biggest bullies in agriculture.

Will you help farmers and ranchers fight back against meatpackers? Time is running out –  farmers need you to act now!

Last June, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) proposed new rules requiring meatpackers to treat family farmers and ranchers fairly when they buy their livestock. This is a change from the decades that USDA let meatpackers pay family farmers and ranchers less than mega-producers for the same quality livestock.

Now meatpackers are spending their corporate dollars spreading misinformation because they can’t tell the truth and win. Big producers shouldn’t get paid more just for being big, and this rule would end that common practice.  Farmers and ranchers need you to visit this link to take action today! Tell USDA you support their efforts and ask them to make the rule even stronger to protect smaller, independent producers.

Personal stories in your comments make an even bigger impact. Are you a farmer or rancher who has been hurt by low livestock prices? A beginning farmer who can’t sell your animals? Do you live in a rural community that has felt the negative impacts of fewer families on the land? Are you a consumer who wants more choices when it comes to purchasing meat? Click here to tell USDA about it!

Already over 1,250 Center for Rural Affairs supporters have written letters. We’re half way to our goal! Please help us reach 2,500 comments by November 22. Act today, send to your friends and post on Facebook and Twitter.

Together, we’ll stand against the bullies.

Thank you for your action,
John Crabtree

PS. Don’t forget! Forward this message to your friends and post on Facebook and Twitter!

The Center for Rural Affairs was formed in 1973 by rural Nebraskans concerned about family farms and rural communities. Today, we work across all of rural America to strengthen small businesses, family farms and ranches, and rural communities. On our website, you can contact us, read our Blog for Rural America, and support our work with a contribution.


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