11/17 Prairie Reserve Being Auctioned north of Omaha

Posted: November 16, 2010 in GREEN, Helping Hands Events, Table Of Contents
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Wolters Tallgrass Prairie to be Sold

The Edwin and Leona Wolters Prairie near Elk Creek, Nebraska, is scheduled to be sold by auction on November 17 to help settle the estate of Leona Wolters. Thanks to Mrs. Wolters, a rural school teacher, Wachiska Audubon has held a conservation easement on this property for over ten years to protect the native prairie. The land has been owned by the Wolters family and managed for hay production during that time.

The Wolters Tallgrass Prairie is ideally situated for use by the public. The 38-acre prairie is located on the crest of a hill adjacent to Highway 50 south of Tecumseh, Nebraska. It has an access road and has a good diversity of native prairie plants including lead plant, compass plant, tall gayfeather, and azure aster. The prairie lies almost directly across the highway from the scenic St. Peter’s Lutheran Church grounds and has a 360-degree vista of the rolling hills of Johnson and Pawnee counties.

The Wachiska Board believes the upcoming auction is an opportunity that we cannot afford to miss and so voted November 5 that the chapter’s conservation committee should bid on the prairie.

We are asking our members and friends for generous donations to help supplement the funds we have available for the auction. If you would like to help with this effort or would like more  information, call Don Pepperl, chair of Wachiska’s conservation committee, at (402) 489-9321 as soon as possible. You can also reach the Wachiska office at (402) 486-4846 during our work hours. You may email your pledge to donpepperl@aol.com <mailto:donpepperl@aol.com> or wachiskaoffice@inebraska.com <mailto:wachiskaoffice@inebraska.com> . Both phone and email pledges will be accepted. The Board has agreed on a maximum bid, but it may not be sufficient; therefore, we are not asking for money at this time–only pledges. If we do purchase the property, we will be accepting pledges after the November 17 auction as well.

Your pledge will help Wachiska purchase the Wolters Prairie and manage it for the greatest diversity of species, for education, and for more open public enjoyment. This is an important opportunity for our chapter. Please give this matter your serious consideration and call us if we can be of further assistance. Share this opportunity with those who are prairie enthusiasts.

Wachiska Audubon Society is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible.

Arlys Reitan
Wachiska Audubon Society
4547 Calvert St Ste 10
Lincoln NE 68506-5643
(402) 486-4846
<wachiskaoffice@inebraska.com <mailto:wachiskaoffice@inebraska.com> >
<www.wachiskaaudubon.org <http://www.wachiskaaudubon.org&gt; >


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