There are some frustrating and unique changes to the STARTER version of Windows 7 Operating System.

A lot of customization settings have been removed and Microsoft claims the purpose is to minimize processor use on the newest line of Net Books which come with an average sub 2GHz processor and below 2GB of memory.

This results in the need for the following 3rd party programs and OS kernel changes to acquire the desired results.These problems just add more support to my recommendation of using Linux instead.

But if you insist on Windows 7 …..

You will want to upgrade it ASAP. Do this by:

1.) Research what memory (RAM) chips work with your laptop. I use the ASUS eeePC T101mt Tablet Netbook. It can only add (1) RAM chip with a max size of (1gb) because it has 1gb attached to the motherboard and a 2GB max capacity. It also has a speed max of 533mhz. I use the Corsair D2 700mhz chip for $20 on Amazon. You NEED 2GB ram to run Windows 7 Home or higher. In my case, any TOUCH TABLET netbook needs Windows 7 Home or higher to use ALL touch screen features.

2.) See this tutorial for updating to Windows 7 Pro or Ultimate

Run a windows loader program to validate a found key and then run the Windows Upgrade Anytime program preinstalled on Windows 7SE.

There are a few Serial Keys to pick from on the net.


IF YOU STAY WITH 7 STARTER (SE) … HERE is what you face:


Changing Desktop Background:

Download Oceanis Background from

Set Screen Saver:

You have to unlock the settings panel by following the directions found here.

Fix WiFi disconnect by updating the drivers first then if that still does not work try renewing IP:

Open the search panel and enter “command prompt”. This will provide a link to open the command prompt. Drag the window over your taskbar to “PIN” a shortcut for 1 button access in the future. Then enter “ipconfig/renew”. If this does not reconnect your connection, I have not found another solution to avoid restarting yet… For me I just needed to update my driver.

Run  Windows Defrag:

There is a short way to open Windows 7 Disk Defragmenter. The short way is for advanced users. The short way is discussed below:
Hold Windows key and press R key of your keyboard and the Run window will be opened. Type dfrgui and hit Enter key. And you will see the Disk Defragmenter opens within few seconds.

Extend the Desktop on to Secondary Monitors?

So far the only solution I have found is to unlock Start Edition (SE) by hacking the Full version registration. Unfortunately all resources cite that the deadline was June 1 2010 to pull it off. Let me know if you find out otherwise.


More Notes to be added as I go in the near future.


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