Bucket List

Posted: November 24, 2010 in Creative Writings, Table Of Contents

Travel the World

48 United States, Native Nations surrounding US, Hawaii (illegally occupied by US), Australia, Fiji, Mexico, Canada, New Zealand,  South America, Caribbean and Central America next in 2011.


Bungee Off Bridge, Helicopter

Zip Line

Rappel down a building 50+ ft. ; 51+

Hang glide

Sky dive

Snorkel Great Barrier Reaf and Maui

Scubba Dive Caribbean

Rock Climb 30+ feet ; 31+ feet

Hike Machu Picchu

Live in Black Hills Wild and hike 25% ; 26+%

Hike Appalachian Trail 4+ miles , 5+ miles

Fly A Plane co pilot, solo

Fly a Helicopter

Drive 120mph+ (Porsche 928) ; 121mph+

Drive Lamborghini ; Viper ; Shelby Cobra ; Dragster ; Nascar Lap

Hike Tibet

Act in a Movie

Hang out and befriend a Hollywood or Pro Sport celebrity (email chat, party together)

Tab Benoit, Rick Gomez,

Experience Celebrity gatherings (Globes Outside / Inside, Academy, Music Awards, Playboy Mansion Party)

Recreational Activity Experimentation (Alcohol, LSD, marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, opium)


Chute Jump into a Pit Cave

Live near Beaches ; Daytona ; Manhattan Los Angeles. ; Miami ; Hawaii ; Jamaica ;

Build a House

Own my Home 100% ; multiple homes

Start a business (5+) ; 6+

Have a Family

Have a boy and girl of my own

Build a motorcycle (1980 Honda 750) ; Chopper

Experience Native Life Sun Dance, Sweet, Peyote, misc. dances

Save Lives 5+ ; 6+ directly





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