My Credibility?

Posted: November 29, 2010 in Creative Writings, GREEN, Table Of Contents

Only the minority of “the people” realize the media is not telling the WHOLE TRUTH. The majority believe what they hear via the press. I state in my debates that I mostly only support what I can touch or ie. “have witnessed in person with my own eyes”.

I have to be convinced “heavily” by multiple creditable sources if I do not have that option. Which emphasizes “creditability”. What is a persons word really worth.

99% of my followers have time and time again grown to appreciate and trust my word. My credibility is mesosiderite but I am human and I may slip by republishing a website such as wikiLeaks without a disclaimer once in a while. But I immediately set the record straight.

I have a list of over 200 people in my blog that have testified to me being a model human for the greater good and not a single negative comment discrediting me beyond minor things like “jumping the gun on a disclaimer”, being angry at my government officials or once upon a time or several I may have broken some women’s hearts…. I’ve never been proud of myself when that happens.

About the most negative thing you will ever find about me is that I question the history of the United States government using force to occupy peaceful territories such as Hawaii… be it for the defense and safety of their own coast… IT IS NOT RIGHT to force a peaceful nation such as the Indigenous tribes to be herded into reservations!

I visit this country but I am not proud at the moment to be a United States citizen. However, I am proud, to be a Native American. We are over ran with greed and capitalism. We deplete our resources and then steal them from others. We only do what is right with the environment, HALF ASSED because we are behind the trends of the world. We imprison way to many innocent and train our police to be feared above all rather then loved like family. We have had our valuables stolen by our IRS and our guns and methods of defense have been confiscated and on and on.

ALL OF THESE ARE MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. Each of these have happened to me. Until it happens to you, you do not realize what is happening in this country.

The world is not perfect but when I live in my shack in the forest all is well. I live sustainably on my islands, breath clean air, eat untainted fish and plant unaltered organic seeds. I transport on my own energy and harness mother nature to use a computer to read about the evils going on outside my little box.  I consult on the board of organizations like, and because they fight for the earth and all it’s creation in a time when it’s own defenses are being over powered by the plague that is our human species; grown beyond the sustainable limit of this planet like cockroaches.


I SIMPLY LIVE and from time to time, I share information with my friends who remain behind in the chains they refuse to break.



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