The weekend of 12/3-5/10 my alma mater, the UN-L CornHuskers, were coming to Dallas for the Big 12 Championship Football game so I decided to spend the weekend in the Big D.


Some friends were coming from Nebraska so I went in to the city on Friday to make sure they were not waiting on me for breakfast. The nights primary destination was the Reggae club at 2816 Main. I had no problem finding my way off the interstate to main street. There was a plethora of free parking available as you reach the 3000+ blocks in front of well lit apartments. Most of the nightlife is located between 2000-2900 so it is not much of a walk. If you chose to park closer, the meters run from 7a-midnight every day at 30 min. per quarter.



As I approached 2816 the lights were out and the windows covered. I went to the next club over to find out if the club had relocated. I was greeted by wonderful lady named Heather at Club Excuses (facebook/Panoptikon and and who gave me the scoop. The Reggae club had been closed for over a year but the website had not updated it’s reviews. A developer had been buying up properties near 2816 and refusing to extend leases so clubs on the east edge of main and the southern blocks are relocating. Properties to the north, on Elm Street were now being reopened.


Club Excuses had me intrigued so I asked to walk around briefly without paying the cover. From the entrance there was a hallway with paintings and then it split into a labyrinth type entrance. Not knowing what was behind the wall temps you to explore further. As you weave your way through the entrance you are greeted by an open ceiling covered with concert lights. The walls were covered with art and random sculptures keep your eyes wandering. They have variable themes on set nights and on Fridays it is a gathering of the Goth called Panoptikon. I was in a hurry to find some Reggae music so I quickly made my way around the club admiring the nice couch seating and balcony views before moving on.


As I was checking my phone for directions I noticed a guy with a hemp hat on, getting out of a car. I quickly caught him and asked where doobie brothers hang out. I was in luck as he had the answer. “Follow me around the corner”, he said. As we rounded the corner on Elm I was greeted by the familiar smell of kind peace and mellow beats. Part of my mission for the night had been accomplished. I found the reggae type crowd but the club marked as Arnetic at 2826 Elm had a special guest DJ from Japan on this night. The tunes were more a combination of European type beats with an addition of a live drummer so my stay was brief.


Dallas Brazil Cafe


I wanted to scout the rest of the area before spending a large amount of the evening in one place so I moved on. Moving on would prove to be the right decision because the next stop had posters for a Drowning Pool concert on the next block! I spent a few minutes in the Brasil Cafe collecting flyers for upcoming events in the area and then headed for Trees club for the Drowning Pool Show.


Trees Concert Club


Drowning Pool was about 30 minutes from starting so I detoured down the street to explore while waiting. I came across several empty buildings. One particular used to be a large vinyl record shop which failed to adapt to the digital age successfully. Nearly all vinyl record and CD shops have closed or adapted to a wider variety of services over recent years.


I went back towards Tree and stopped into Jaguars across the street to listen Kathy Lenz and her string band. It was a nice combination of blues and country. As DP drew closer to beginning I worked my back over to Trees. Trees was a 2 level club with open balconies surrounding a main stage area. DP plays a rough form of rock that can be placed in the middle of Metal and grunge so the crowd was mostly the biker type and they were ready to jump around in true moshpit style. The show was so full of energy the lead singer had to show mercy on the crowd by giving some 5+ minute speeches when they showed signs of getting over aggressive. They played from midnight to 2am and then I worked my way back over to Dub’s Arnetic.



At Dub’s there were a handful of beautiful ladies in skimpy clothing dancing to the European rhythms so I joined in. They only went until 2:30a but announced an after hours location to keep going. My friend Ryan was at the hotel texting me to see how late I was going to be so he could go to sleep and I didn’t want to inconvenience him so my time with the girls was short but two of them showed an interest in seeing me again so we swapped info.


The hotel was 35 minutes away so it was nearly 4a by the time I got to sleep. At 7:30a Ryan was waking me up to go get breakfast so I crawled out to the deck to stretch while he showered. There was a nice running trail along the river beside our room so the view was encouraging. After breakfast others in the group wanted to freshen up before leaving so I went down to the trail to do some yoga.


We piled in the van and headed to downtown Dallas where JFK was assassinated by VP Lendon Johnson’s henchmen. Around the square you will usually find an old member of the presidential photographers group who share their private photos that were locked away by VP Johnson for 75 years so the public could not see the proof. These members of the press had to wait until after Johnson’s presidential term was over to share their evidence to the public or risk their family’s safety. Every year since, their risk decreases so they increase their presence around the grassy knoll area sharing copies of their photos. The most obvious ones that show there was definitely a second shooter are the ones that show the exit wound on the back of the head and the gun burst in front of the motorcade. Oswald was above and behind Kennedy so his bullets would have exited in JFK’s front!


JFK Shooting Location


Click below for graphic Autopsy Photos:


We next went to check out Cowboys stadium and do recon on parking. One of the group could not arrive until 3:30 and we wanted to car pool all together so he didn’t have to worry about paying extra for parking so that meant we would not have much time for tailgating. I explained that parking in BW3s lot was only 3 blocks and free but they didn’t want to worry about being towed so we picked a $20 lot by the baseball stadium.


We went and ate lunch by the hotel while waiting for the last member of our group. Once he arrived we went back to the stadium. I put on my green jacket so some friends could spot me easier and then went to catch the last hour of partying with some other friends. Some of our group went straight into the stadium while others of us went to listen to the pep band and played some catch.



The game itself is tough to talk about. Our Huskers jumped out to a dominant 17-0 lead and looked certain to crush the Sooners by the end of the first quarter but then the train derailed. Our offense failed to hold on to the ball and gave OU several chances to get back into the game. In the final minutes we had several opportunities to kick tying and winning field goals and failed to perform.


I had a few more friends waiting to meet after the game but by the time we were all back to the hotel it was nearly midnight and most were too upset to go clubbing so we just watched a movie.


The next morning I was going to convince Ryan to go jogging but they wanted to rush off to get home. While eating breakfast I heard a loud explosion and wandered outside to see what was going on. Across the river on the TCU campus there was a dust cloud in the air and I discovered that they had just demolished part of their football stadium for remodeling.



After breakfast I went over to the trail and stretched to go on a long jog. I ended up going for 2 hours and over 7 miles. My path took me through the city park, Zoo, TCU campus and around about 5 miles of the river trail. I met a gorgeous blond girl named Briana and encouraged her to keep pace with me so she did. Then about a mile later we were joined by another attractive brunette on roller blades. The three of us talked for the final mile and then shared info before going separate ways. Briana told me to go to the BCS selection party at the TCU coliseum in a few hours but I didn’t want to drive back too late with all the deer in the area so I set course for the State Park southeast of Cowboy Stadium.


Fort Worth Jogging Trails


As I approached the Cedar Hill State park and lakes from the west I was met by a disturbing site. I was 10 miles from the lake and the area was supposed to be Wetlands preserve but instead the entire area had been demolished and zoned for residential. approximately a 90 square mile had been crammed full of nearly 30,000 brand new houses and an enormous school. Only about 60% of the homes had been sold but almost all the forest and fields had been leveled. I have to research deep but I bet I could find a connection between the Bush family and this Hanover Company ( that is responsible for destroying most of the nature for Dallas citizens. When I see areas like this I think about NYC and Honolulu and how at least there, a large portion of the developers build apartment towers to keep people from demolishing the nature around them.


Cedar Hill Lakes Area


As I traveled around the water front, everything was developed commercial. There were stores everywhere and all the forest was gone. As I reached the northern edge, only about 1000 acres was being protected by the state park borders. In the background you could hear trains and cars and all the hustle of the stores on the other side of the ridge. It is a very sad example of how the US is becoming over crowded like Western Europe, China and Japan etc. The park is open year around from 8a-10p and since it is surrounded by visitors they charge $5 at all times and gate the entrance.


Cedar Hills Arlington destroyedWetlands Wiped outWhat happened to the Wetlands?


After experiencing how crowded the area was I just wanted to get out of there and back to the quiet forest 60+ miles to the east. Waking up the next day in the calm forest area I call home, it all seemed like a bad nightmare but it is the reality our world has to face.



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