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Heatherlands (Celtic Rock Music)

FINANCE – Facts on real tangible money. During 2010 silver increased from nearly $17/oz. to $30/oz. – See history

GREEN / ENVIRONMENTAL: – Midwest USA Bio Fuels Movement – Wind Turbine MNF in Nebraska – Solar MNF in AZ (lowest prices available 2010)

more coming soon – Blog about the minimalist life.

NEWS – United Nations (True unbiased World News) – National Public Radio and News (unbiased media) (witness interviews and fact finding assistance) – European View on World News


Search Engine: – Promises to keep your searches private. – Promises to save 2.4sq. yards of rain forest per search. (via Yahoo and Bing revenue 80% goes to the WWF)

Other: – What is the real status of the US intraNet? – Compress long URLs for social posts – Science Education – Shelter, sales, dating (Classifieds for all needs) – Some great needles in the haystack here.


TRAVEL: – Short Term Shelter

WELLNESS – Helping Hands Charity Portal

RMAX International

The Edmonds Martial Arts Academy

Pencak Silat Serak


WRITING: (Steven Barnes – Peaceful Author)

Tananarive Due (Author)

The Traceless Warrior Blog

Ain’t It Cool News (covering Hollywood)

Creative Screenwriting Magazine

Screenwriting Expo

CS Web


Educate yourself globally. Think outside the box. The country you are in while reading this will be flooded with nationalistic news pushing favoritism upon you. For me, I am often in the United States where our government and media try to convince the citizens that the American way is perfect and it should be the dominant goal of the world. Don’t just accept to put this ideology on a pedestal, challenge yourself by following news on a world scale. I believe capitalism is good when controlled by checks and balance but it is out of control in the US. It has lead to inflation and over population and greed and the expansion of borders through the deployment of military onto far off lands. It has put corporations in charge of government instead of the people. The loss of balance in capitalism has raised the cost of our resources even though our income per capita is declining into a state of depression.

Living simple through sustainability; bartering with neighbors with real commodities (not fake printed worthless cash); growing your own food; harnessing your own energy; using less with near zero waste; committing to peace; providing government based free health care;  defending your family via baring arms if absolutely needed; practicing your freedom of faith/religion; holding confidence to speak freely without persecuting others, ….. these are a few of my favorite ideals in life and I FIND THEM IN ALMOST EVERY COUNTRY I TRAVEL TO.

The USA actually has less to offer then a few others like France, Spain, many Island countries and Canada to name a few. The USA also supports more of these ideals then others but they don’t encourage their media to educate the citizens globally so it is important to follow the rest of the world and educate yourself before placing judgement on others.  Sure, I admit I am an american citizen and that I honor the founding fathers and the constitution and the bill of rights but in this century I’ve enjoyed living more free in Fuji, Australia, NZ, Mexico, Canada and the Caribbean where most of the banks still trade me for my gold/silver and support most of the philosophy’s I mention above and countries don’t attack countries in modern times that they do not share a boarder with. The US is where most of my family remains to visit but not where I call home.

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