Sponsor us today & Benefit from Pepsi Traffic

Posted: January 3, 2011 in Helping Hands Events, Table Of Contents
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Helping Hands is finally a part of the Pepsi Refresh program. It is indirectly through our iClick2Help partner, but non-the-less it brought us 100+ page views in the last 24 hours and it is steadily increasing.Try to get us a $25 commitment from your company and they will benefit from our traffic and you will get some serious brownie points from your employeer.

Chip in $25 to join our sponsors list ASAP and you should get 100s of new page views a day from us via Pepsi Refresh and iClick2Help. You can even add a coupon offer for more exposure!  Your listing will last aprox. 45 days. That is a dirt cheap .49 cents a day and .02 per new viewer to your company website!


thanks for considering,

Tim Frentz


Helping Hands Network


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