I am currently working on a Comic Book that focuses on all the crap that is wrong and right with the USA. I can not even complete one story before another jumps up like this one about the possible Chemicals Released over Arkansas the last week of December 2010.


My Military sources swear that the ARK US AF Base does not fly any dispersal planes. It is also pointed out that there was no GAS Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) in Iraq AND that if there was a chemical spill there would be more then one type of bird and one type of fish involved!


As far as John Wheeler’s role in all of this, we will have to rely on WikiLeaks to get us the truth beyond his classified work to see how much motive there really is beyond his murder!


It has been reported that tornado like winds could have killed the birds during the night. There was also a lot of loud firework/canon booms that could have scared them. The fish death is being blamed on disease since there was only one species in the mass kill-off.




Another Hero murdered by USA

Here is the full conspiracy theory article text: This one is more of an entertaining read then factual reporting!



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