Jacob Lusk – 23 – Compton, CA

Casey Abrams – 19 – Idyllwild, CA

James Durban

Scotty McCreery

PIA (sneaking out of the shadows, this New Yorker may out vote the boys!)


Great Singers CUT SHORT:

Jordan Dorsey

Melinda Ademi

Brett Loewenstern

Jaycee Badeaux – Cut short. Out during top 12 male selections.

Paris Tassin

Julie Zorrila


As the Season Goes on This List will switch up a bit.

Episode 1 NY/Jersey

Caleb Haley – nice bluesy voice

Robby Rosen – 16 Wheelchair recovery

Melinda Ademi – 16 *Serbia Refugee Girl

Yoshi (MJ Dancer) – It was never official if he made it through to round 2? He had some nice moves.

Brielle Von Hugel – Girl with Duet Father w/ throat cancer

Travis Orlando – 16 *Homeless Shelter Boy

Episode 2 New Orleans

Jordan Dorsey – 21 **LaPlace LA Music Teacher (My fav so far!)

Sarrah Sellers – Richardson Texas Stephen Tyler LIPS Girl.  She has a Janis Twang and should make it far.

Jovany Brevetto – AB boy

Jaquelynn Dupree – Randy Jackson’s Coach’s Neice

Brett Loewenstern – *Carrot Top Boy Boca Routon. Big singing voice in little talking coat. He is going to be one to watch grow. Queen singer.

Jaycee Badeaux – 15 Young Whipper (teddie bear lookin kid)

Paris Tassin – 23 *Single Mom w/ Hearing Damaged daughter. Med Assistant. Underwoods Temporary home singer. She is going far. She is half Native so she gets extra favoritism from me.

Episode 3 – Milwaukee WIS Had some Good Stories and

Contestants. I look forward to hearing more from:

Jerome Bell -The Marvin Gay sounding Guy

Molly Swenson – 22 (Seattle) Harvard White House Girl

Tiwann Strong – 29 Chicago (Twisting the Night)

Steve Beguhn – CPA Big Goone

Steve Dangerfield – 22- Milwaukee Teacher JLo’s Favorite so far!

Alyson Jados – 26 – Chicago Bartender AeroSmith Girl

Chris Medina – 26 Oak Forest IL – Coffee Shop Barista – The guy singing with his disabled fiancee on his mind who was a Coffee Barista as well.

Episode  4 Nashville

Rob Bolin 23 Nashville Chelsee Oaks 23 -Are the Xs Going to Get Very Far?

Stormy Henley 19 Crossville TN -Teen USA going out early!?

Adrienne Beasley 22 Wickliffe KY – American Honey farm girl

Lauren Alaina – 15 Rossville GA – Sings for her cousin battling cancer. BIG VOICE! Going far!

Episode 5 Austin

Austin is full of instrumental talent but very many of their top singers came to the AI auditions.

There were a couple cute girls with good voices but none of the guys impressed me and I didn’t hear anything worth noting individual names.

Who did you like?

Episode 6 Los Angeles

Heidi Khzam – Belly Dancer will go far in Life but not in singing.

Mark  Gutierrez – 28 Duet brothers

Aaron Gutierrez – 27

Episode 7 San Farncisco

Stefano Langone (21) Car accident recovery
Kent Washington

Julie Zorrila (20) Amazon Rain forest girl

Emily Ann Reed (26) House Burned down (Coffee Barrista)
Arlington, VA – This girl has a unique voice/tone that I hope to see go far.

James Durban () High Voice Steven Tyler singer – lost dad to Drug Overdose, Terets
Santa Cruz, CA


Casey – Voice is still on key. His nerves are his weakness.

Super Personality from NC Victoria Huggens is out.

Paris – Single mom

James Durbin – torrets boy is hanging with Adam Lambert

Chris Madina – Brain damaged fiancee. Still going!

Jacee Badeaux – The 15 year old has nerves of still.

Hollie from McKinney – Moving Forward

Steve Big Goon Beguhn – I think this guy was cut short by Randy & could of went further.

Belly Dancer girl is out! We should have heard her sing in round 2. Not fair!

Rob & Chelsee – Ex couple are still together in Hollywood.

They film crew is not showing enough of the singers. We only got to hear 20% of each group!

Scotty McCreery – Cowboy is rockin.

Jerome Bell – We still have Al Green w/ us this season.

Travis Orlando – Shelter boy is singing his way out of the slums but his audition was weak! He will be back singing locally in the NYC.

Steffano – We have some latin in the mix.

the White House is still being represented.

Yoshi is officially out. I was hoping to see more dancing.

What happened to Jordan (music teacher)? He is my winner pick so far and they did not even mention him in round 2!

Are Melinda Ademi (SERBIA girl) and Brielle (throat cancer dad) still in?

Are the L.A. brothers in?

Round 3

Round 3 was full of tough cuts through the group stage.

Jessica Yantz (28) Nashville (Great girl. She helped Jersey girl out and suffered for being nice. She has a great voice and got shorted this year.)  8?(

Paris Tassin has a bad group round and get’s cut!??

Mark – of the brother duet is out leaving younger brother to prove himself.

THE 15 year old group ROCKED IT!!!


Jacob Lusk – 23 – Compton, CA – BEST performance of all time on AI for Randy Jackson!

Casey Abrams – 19 – Idyllwild, CA – Awesome

The Nervous train wreck was spared!? I am shocked but I thinkAshley Sullivan 26 – Springfield MA could be a great STUDIO singer. She can not perform live on stage but she has a unique voice that just needs training.

The rest of the litter was all safe as to be expected!

ROUND 5 (top 12 male/female selction show)

Jaycee Badeaux cut short because of STAGE PRESENCE?  He has a top 5 male voice so it was a sad cut!

ROUND 6 (males OPEN song choice)

Jacob Lusk and James Durban shine above all.



Pia continues to show vocals of a true Diva. She has proven worthy of my top 5! Jordan comes up short but Jacob, Casey, James, Scotty and Pia are in it to win it. All 5 are equally worthy of recording contracts. The final 5 weeks are going to be the best finals ever. Who are the fans going to vote for and which one will get the judges save???

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