I enjoy the challenge to improve everyone’s lifestyle. My primary task is to locate or organize and build another Organic/Green sustainable community here. I love living here but the music, art, culture and athletic gatherings are not large in number.


WHAT HAVE I FOUND TO DO in Northeast Texas?

The highlights so far are as follows:

We have a few friends ready for outdoor activities with short notice! The list below shows what options we have established.

For recreation there is a town full of over 15 Antique Store dealers in Gladewater.

The Tyler State Park and Hawkins Lake parks are great. Good trails and biking paths. I still need to explore Lindsay Park and Tyler Lake areas.

We also have 2 drive in theaters in the area. One is an adult film only place called Apache and the other is Lindale Family Drive In.

RURAL areas:

TR:/SAT: Pirate Club on my Hawkins lake is great on Saturdays and Thursdays for live music and cheap drinks but the crowd is 75% 35+ and no dance club.

SAT: 6p there is a great Auction. Most of the Hawkins Lake  community gathers here. The food is cheap and the action gets crazy. Tons of laughs and the area is full of antique dealers so there is some hot price war action.

SUN: Basketball pickup games 12-3 at Hawkins Park. (Avg. (4) 18-35 age (2) 40+


FRI/SAT: Grahm Central in Longview is ok but all country until the last hour.

SAT: Decision’s in Longview has a drag show from 11-12 on Saturdays. There are few skilled dancers and even less rich in physical attraction. Everyone is still beautiful on the inside thank god.

SUN: Pistons Sunday night Jam was fun but not a true open mic jam. They only had one house band and only like 3 musicians not counting me outside their band were there to take turns playing. I am used to finding a jam where there are 3 arrangements of players jamming in turns so there are never any silent breaks. And I want more acoustic and blue grass and blues. Where the heck are the Texas fiddlers around here? There is a follow up jam at the Players Club in Downtown Longview but there were no extra musicians beyond the house band when I went and they took 40+ minute breaks so I got disgusted after waiting so long to hear them play one song.


DAILY: by request we have 10+ people now organizing tennis meetups, disc, soccer, hiking, photo exploring and biking.

MON: Breakers has Monday Funday. They have some dj’s and play ‘dub step’ and some techno, people tend to dance but no where near as if it was a club. It is a low key place but fun. Some nights they will stream live concerts on a pull down screen and have drink specials. They streamed Phish’s concert live recently. Great food as well. The lighting is all wrong and there is too much furniture to entice dancers.

TUE 6:30 and SUN 3pm: On campus fields you will find Ultimate Frisbee. There is a disc golf course with daily activity. 6v6 soccer and 8 tennis courts.

TUE/TR: There are 14+ soccer players that meet 5:30-7:30ish at the Northside park but the field is in a marsh so they often play on the baseball diamond.

TUE: Rufus on Tuesdays has two you call its, it is pretty popular for college students on that night and one of the Breakers DJs runs the music so it can get energetic.

WED: There is a group of 20-40 somethings doing a movie night.

WED: Cimmarons is half off for ladies on WED, not much of a younger crowd but every now and then you will see some younger faces up there, but it is a pretty cool place.

TR: There is Poker at the State Park Hwy Pizzeria 7pm. Carreras in south Tyler has Karaoke and dance party night. There is also poker at the Sports Bar at the Indoor Soccer complex.

FRI: Ricks in Tyler is fun for live music and chilling but no dance club atmosphere. Their outdoor stage is fun and romantic on a warm starry night. There is a Latino Club by the Gladewater interstate exit which has 3 floors playing different types of music. $15 cover.

SAT: Outlaws: South of Tyler there is a club called Outlaws on HWY 110. $5 cover, good security staff, service until 1a and close at 1:30a. Cheap drinks and decent people but 30% 18-21 and 75% African American. The lighting equipment is poor quality and the music mix is mostly top 40 but from 10:30-11:15 you get a techno intro.

SUN: 3pm Ultimate/Cricket 5:30 Soccer

Piladas are rare to find. Very few soccer players meet on campus so outside of organized league play, the games are limited to maybe 6v6. Sundays at 5:30 on Campus in Tyler is your best chance to find a full game with some players from Brazil and England. Nacogdochis does have a minor league team operating. Limited basketball pickup games can be found. There are a few poker gatherings but limited book clubs listed at local libraries.

There is a good blues group called “Something Blue” that I am trying to find around here. People are telling me they are the best live band around Tyler.

There is a native/wicca earthy type of group gathering. I have yet to make it to one to review further. It appears to have less then 10 members on MeetUp as of today. There is also an organized atheist group that is full of highly intelligent doctorates who hold monthly free thinking discussions.

Every day except Saturday this town bans alcohol after midnight so most places close down around 12:30 so we have more house parties and GAME NIGHTS forming now! Just get a hold of me if you want to get together or post comments on “Newbies in Tyler” meetup.com and “Tyler Activites Group” facebook groups.


Union Station in Shreve had 4 great dancers but the music was still sub-par and the club is a bit trashy.

There are 2 amazing bands based here. Stiff Necked Fools (Reggae) and DirtFoot (Blues/Grass).


Author is currently traveling out of the area so current updates are found on the facebook page.

WHERE ARE THE INTERNATIONAL (European/Asian) culture clubs in this area?

Global ethnicity? Very little in this area. It is overly racist and the wealth gap is larger then most areas of the country. The racism is mostly verbal but it is still very apparent in daily life here. It is largely due to the wealthy light skinned oil tycoons refusing to contribute financial assistance toward ethnic dominated areas and programs. *This is the authors conclusion after nearly a year of interviews and living in this area.

And don’t get me started on the whole dating scene. Above average attractions are minimal  due to the heat limiting outdoor fitness and even when you meet someone they usually have been caught in the tobacco addiction in this area. Big Tobacco and oil have limited advertising reach of the Wellness Industry causing people to be less educated in the harm of these products and habits. Like all places however, there are diamonds in the ruff.


*After 2 months of searching and visiting bar after bar and lead after lead; I conclude that outside of Dallas, Austin, and New Orleans, there is very little going on in the art culture and athletics. Outside of the university areas, the general parks are barely used and the communities lack signs of monthly artistic expression.

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