I have been asked to do many interviews for radio/tv/news media but I have to refuse because I do not want people to swarm the Helping Hands Foundation before it is large enough to handle an increase in traffic.


I do however enjoy student or general public surveys, interviews and such. I have created this blog to keep a record of such. Hopefully this will help prevent others from asking duplicate questions.




I’m Niki and I’m from Indonesia 🙂

I just accidentally know you from the GMH Facebook page,
and I’m really intrigued by what you wrote there!
you said that you “sold most of your assets and founded a Helping Hands charity in 2005.”

My question is:

1.) do you do this FULL-time now? or you still have a day job sort of?

TIM: First, let me clarify the Helping Hands Network. The foundation as a whole is an entity made up of a network of several groups using the Helping Hands name and an additional 100+ good Samaritans that are linked to our social networks. When I refer to “we”, I imply that many good deeds are done each day by the network so I refrain from taking sole credit by speaking in first person.

5 years ago my net worth was $250,000 U.S. Each year since I have picked only life threatening causes to support and as money was needed I liquidated my investments to cover any fund raising shortages. My 2 year objectives included building enough interest and support that sponsors would be waiting in line for causes to support. The struggle to get the attention of wealthy philanthropists to share even $1 forced me to alter my approach.

We started a new fund raising program using online sales services. We find people who have large collections they are ready to sell or we take donated items and find buyers for them. For example, say a seller wants $40 for a lawnmower. We find a buyer willing to pay$60. We sell it for $50 and the buyer and seller both donate the extra $10 each directly to a Helping Hands Network Cause. We do not actually take possession of the funds but rather re-route them so we are not liable for any taxation.

I do line up paid jobs occasionally when cause work is slow. I also write and sell my own art work when I can. I am also currently working on 3 different books to publish and build my savings back up.


2.)how did you do/start this, initially?

I sold my home for the initial start up funds needed. I have 6 years of business studies at the University of Nebraska and have built 7 companies prior to establishing Helping Hands so I have more courage then most to quit a full time job to allow time for a new venture.


3.) was it full of struggles?

You have to build confidence in yourself. You need one major financial supporter or partner to keep the stress away. With philanthropy, you decide which struggles to tackle and which ones to put on the waiting list. My big struggles are 1.) that I do not have a wealthy lead sponsor and 2.) I have not compiled a list of our top Network leaders including a direct contact email list. Facebook and twitter posts only reach those who happen to be viewing at that moment in time and direct messaging is a hard sell because everyone thinks you are going to ask them for $100.  3.) the solution to #2 would prevent my other struggles which include getting people to repost when requested and getting people to kick in 1 single dollar to start a cause on our iClickToHelp.com site.


4.) was it really planned well *before* you go executed it? or it just pretty much went smoothly and flowingly?

Learning is a continuous evolution. I have my strengths and weaknesses. The plan is solid. The hands on aid gets results. The network finds great causes to help. The biggest weakness is that I have not reached successful leaders in the fund raising industry.

the reason I’m asking all of these is because at 29 now,.I’m having such a Quarter-Life-Crisis at the career/job I’m doing (ie: contractor & furniture business, helping my father),..and I’m thinking of doing something more meaningful and that can basically change the world I live for the better!
but sometimes I just don’t know from where and *how* should I start..

so any of your feedback would be greatly appreciated 🙂
hope to hear back from you

and keep spreading the love & hope,
you’re doing great! 🙂

Warmest regards from Indonesia,
(for a calm, sweet, and tranquil journey in music…for your soul^^)



I am very impressed with your presentation. I can tell your chi comes from a very ancient soul that respects mother nature. I am happy you approached me and I look forward to helping you travel down your path.

Share your ideas on how you would like to improve the world and I will give you great guidance. I also urge you to join our team by participating in the calls for help you will find on our fan page and blog.

Please bookmark and add:

freeHelpingHands.wordpress.com and visit our info section on facebook to find the FAN PAGE link.



  1. Booptefed says:

    Sorry for the stupid question. What is the best search engine http://google.com or http://yahoo.com?

    • Ecosia.org is the best for the environment. A majority of the ad revenue goes to replanting trees.

      For privacy there is StartPage.com but you should just run PeerGuardian2 from Phoenix labs when entering data online anyway then there is no need for StartPage.

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