During the week I took a trip with the Shreveport Reggae band, Stiff Necked Fools, to help them get invited to the Wakarusa Festival. I used this time to network with promoters of Kenny Wayne Shepherd and to spread awareness for Shhmokewear. Friday on the way back to Texas, the roads were icy so I had to delay my travel to Dallas until Saturday morning. There are very few snow plows and sand trucks in the south so the roads are not safe at night.

On this weekend I had a great opportunity to network. My business partner from Shhmokewear.com had been building a relationship with L.A. promotion companies GBK and Capital Entertainment and they were hosting the biggest Superbowl Parties. There was a good chance they would have time to meet with me to review their events with the Black Eyed Peas and P. Diddy so I headed into the city to be on standby Saturday.

I didn’t mind checking out all the excitement around the Super Bowl so I made a long list of things to do in Dallas before leaving.

My first stop was the Cotton Bowl Party with Drowning Pool. I got there early in order to get past security and meet some of the bands and their promoters. Around 4p on Saturday I worked  my way into conversations with a few musicians during sound check. Members of Exit 380 loved our Shhmokewear samples and will be wearing the bracelets on stage soon.

I then headed for Cowboys stadium to experience the Super Bowl festivities. I was still able to park at BW3s for free and then I walked around the stadium. The party tent was massive! The biggest temporary structure you will ever see. It was 3 stories high and took up about 30,000 square feet. I looked around for a way in while waiting for my invite call or email. About 10p I accepted the fact that they were too busy to meet with me and I was being blown off.

I then headed to the upper class Oak Lawn district to get in the SBowl Block Party. The outdoor stage band was great and I met a couple good contacts. I ended the night by dancing until 5am at Club S4.

By Sunday 10a, I still had not heard from the Promoters so I began doing some of the items on my checklist. I needed to get my bicycle wheel replaced after bending it up badly so I found a store near a great lake park. Dallas Bike works on West Lawther was amazing. They made me feel important and they even gave me a $50 wheel for $25 because they did not have a matching pair! It is great to be back on my biking workouts.

I decided I did not want to go deal with the Super Bowl traffic just to tailgate so, I walked around the lake park. I saw a guy with a sign advertising free advice so I stopped to talk. He had a few chairs setup and bottles of water to openly invite people to stop and chat. Roderick or his friend can be found on White Lake in Garland most afternoons.

I next found a dart bar that was running a Super Bowl party and tournament so I ended the night at Parks Place. I made several new great friends.

On my way out of town on Monday I had a meeting with Heritage Auction company to review several jewelry, coin and clock items.  Luckily I got out of town early because around 3p, just 25 miles from home, my water pump failed and I got stranded. Thank goodness it was not on the freeway!

I thought it was the heater core at first so I started to loop the hoses to bypass the core and keep me going but when I filled up the radiator it was leaking somewhere above the pump area. It was getting dark so I had a cousin come tow me the rest of the way to the house.

For the most part it was a successful and very fun weekend.

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