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Lincoln Nebraska helping construction friends, IRS collection victims, and promoting local Community garden events.
Northeast Texas to South Dakota to help rebuild homes.
Worked with great volunteer groups in Los Angeles. Weekly blogs share efforts with Community Garden Organization of Los Angeles County, Seed Bank of Venice, Youth Soccer league, Venice Boardwalk artists, Occupy LA and other fun causes. Find the links by viewing the category links to the left.
JULY 2011
Interview Log
Super Bowl Weekend in Dallas
Seed Swapping Info
Gun Rights for Protecting Our Wealth
Life in East Texas
Respect Fate
Great Green Seminars in Omaha
My American Idol Watch list
My Favorite Facebook Posts
Why 2007 Vehicles do NOT Like Biodiesel
Choctaw Casino Durant OK
Past/Current and Future Helping Hands Pojects
Making Money online in 2011
Landmark: The Inside Story of America's New Health Care Law and What It Means for Us All (Publicaffairs Reports)
Life’s SecretsPassword protected for book buyers club
Over the next few months we will be re-releasing our pre 2010 blogs every few days… kinda like style!
HERE is what you have to look forward too… or you could visit the MySpace server at:

2009 (archived)
11/09 – New Orleans Volunteering ; Milk Safety ; Cigarette Ingredients ;
10/09 – Swine Flu Safety ; VooDoo Festival Review ;
09/09 – New Fundraising Items ; TribeCon Invitation ; New Orleans Sponsorship ; Sitting in the Dark IL ; TribeCon PR ; IL Fishing Cabin 4 SALE ; Teacher Appreciation Time
08/09 – Erhard MN Fire ; HH Press Interview ; H750 Project Pix ; Summer Travel Review ;
07/09 – Meet Rev. Dannie Patrick ; Who We’ve Helped ; Lincon NE ; Parent Appreciation ;
06/09 – Bethelem PA Nightlife Review ; World Peace Leader Visit ; Keepers of the Peace Story ; Pro Speach Writer ; Pocono Race ; Love of a Father ; Speach Outline ; Food Inc. ; Swine Flu ; Reincarnation Proof ; Stolen Van in AZ ; Near Death Experience #3 ;
05/09 – The Life of a Care Giver ; Court Violations of Parental Rights ; May Events Summary ; NYC Nightlife
04/09 – Helping in PA ; NY Life/Culture ; About Tim Frentz ;
03/09 – Wind Power Setup under $1500 ; ; HH Winter Review ; Indian Rez Cleanup
02/09 – John Trudell Help ; NRES UNO Presentation ; Internet Sales Tax Letter
01/09 – UNL Enviro Series ; Coal Sludge Spill Kingston TN ; Limit Lead in Your Water ; Who We Helped ; Bike Trail Petition ; NE Political Bills

2008 (archived at
12/08 – African Genocide ; Who We Helped
10/08 – VOTING Tools ;
09/08 – Who Owns Your Politicians ; Financial Crash ; 8 yr. Plan for an Honest President ; River City Booth
08/08 – The Rainbow Gathering ; Starving Artist Help ; NREA Press ; DB Help in MN ; NE Fair Booth
07/08 – ; Eco Communal Living ; Net Metering ; Facts (Food, Gun Control, Military Influence, Oil, Fed Reserve) ;
06/08 – Offshore Oil Facts ; Peaceful eGroups ; Omaha Arts Fest ;
05/08 – Climate Update ; Job Opp Western NE ; NREA Merger ;
04/08 – Green Burial ; Earth Day NE Events ; Oprah Big Give Review ; Free the Samon Protest ; Native Awareness Week
03/08 – Cancer Relay ; Visa Stock ; Good Deals ; Sponsor Letters Sent ; Days Secret (Pump Savings)
03/08 – Environmental Websites ; Smoking Related Links ; Green Volunteer Op ;
01/08 – Another World? ; ; Lakota Movement ; Recycling Contacts

2007 (archived)
12/07 – HH Marketing Services ; Survey $ ; Hydrogen Autos
11/07 – Black Friday Info ; Fundraising w/ MSN ;
10/07 – the Skinny on Ethanol ; About Tim
09/07 – Oil City Dart Tourney Results ; Soccer Training Openings
07/07 –
01/07 – Who We Helped ;

2006 (archived)
12/06 – ; ; Help A Friend VC ; Date Ideas (NE)
09/06 – MN Baby Fundraiser

Take a look at our FB profile to find the following GROUPS at: :

-Athletic Workouts
-Fun Events (movie nights / book club / nature exploring)

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