So you say there is stress.

Stress from life. Stress from business.


It surrounds us all.

Vent it to the sky, moon and beyond.

Vent the stress so far away.

Yell it out, bang it out, kick it around!

So far away that when you come back down,

all that is left is PEACE and Focus.

Speaking of peace and time off. Yes take it. Appreciate every second of the peace.

Listen to every sound, smell every scent. Taste the calm.

You sound like you are doing a good job of remembering your roots.

You know business time is business time.

The best you can do is use your BUSINESS time as efficiently as possible.

KEEP the line and border strong between PERSONAL TIME and keep the sanity.

Whatever your hobby of choice, take time for it.

Take time for you.

Take time for your body and health above ALL.

Without body, there is no business.

Without business, THERE WILL ALWAYS BE LIFE!!!!

Find your center. Keep the balance.


and stretch like the yogi you are.

The business will be there waiting, always.

You may miss opportunity.

You may miss out on money, but what good is that if you have to use it to repair your damaged body.

You end up worse off in the rat race of time.

Time, IT will always be there for as long as the body, mind and spirit.

LOVE the body, mind and spirit, ALWAYS!

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