Posted: March 4, 2011 in Creative Writings, GREEN, Table Of Contents
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The feel of the earth between my toes,

immersing myself in nature.

I LOVE surrounding my being in peace,

harmonizing my soul with the call of the wild.




I LOVE breathing pure CO2 from the leaves so near.

The leaves so near they tickle my skin,

so near, their lullaby of musical waves caress me.

I LOVE the Trees that provide, these Leaves!


I LOVE the shelter from harm the trees provide,

the fruit, nuts and berries they share,

the soil they nurish,

the energy they sacrifice.

I LOVE the TREEs, that provide these!


I LOVE the SEEDs that fertilize this life.

Seeds once pollinated that incubate, germinate, and transform.

Seeds that grow in leaps and bounds,

to form the plants so far above.


I LOVE the PLANTs so far above all Life forms,

for they control the world.

They control with their eatible offspring of nutrients.

I LOVE PLANTS, for without them, I would not survive!



Laying amongst them, their scents arousing,

arousing the very essence of LOVE itself.

Sharing their positive chi with the Yin to my Yang.

Sharing the passionate arousal of LOVE,

from, the Flowers and the Grass.


I LOVE the Sun, moon and stars.

Sleeping under their embrace,

protected by their power so tremendous!

The Ora of creation, the power of direction,

the power of balance, the power to control Chaos.

The true power of light and darkness,

balancing the Yin and the Yang.

Under their Ora, I channel the energy of their Chi.

Under their Ora, I caress & LOVE the Yin to my Yang.


I LOVE the Calm before the storm.

The build up of energy, the winding tension,

the mystery of the unknown!

I LOVE the anticipation of That First Kiss,

the wild heart beat, the shortness of breathe,

the increasing darkness, the Lightning and Thunder.


I LOVE the Spark that ignites the Flame.

The flame that guides us through the storm.

The wind fans the flame and moves the danger through the night.

After the danger is removed, so is born,

the CALM AFTER the Storm.


I LOVE the Gentle Rain,

the warm moist droplets, of Life.

The final puzzling Element of LIFE,

The rinsing of muck, the baptism and rebirth

of LOVE in it’s purest form.


I LOVE the completion of the circle of Life.

Sun, earth, air and water.

The erotic harmony of the true foursome.

I LOVE that I exist in balance w/ the 4.

Being so tiny and innocent, incapable of mass destruction.

Irrelevant as an individual, but threatening as a collective.


Threatening as a collective, I DO NOT Love.

As a collective, like ants in a colony,

we over populate, we over consume,

and yes, oh how we definitely under renew.


I LOVE standing in the way of the threatening collective!

As protector of all, I do love,

being the savior, the saint, the provider of LIFE Lines,

HELPING HANDS to all wholesome causes in need.


I LOVE using my powers for good!

My artistic power of expression,

my convincing power of separation from right and wrong,

my stimulating power of touch,

my relaxing power of sound,

my sexual power of pro creation.

I LOVE using my powers for LOVE!






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