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Missing you

From head injuries suffered,
prior memories faint in a mist of purple haze.

Alas loving bond of father n son ignite
missing memories, reborn rising from the mist.

Missing you.
Memories now returning.
Clouds lifting, exposing visions of our childhood.

At pre teen,
time lost during separation,
reprieved by summer family vacations.
From the black hills to the MN fishin resorts,
I’m Missing you.

As an early teen,
time made 4 amazing cross country rides,
drifting cares away below the stars,
safely strapped on back of that 750.
Oh how I’m missing you.

With my 15th you moved near.
Daily visits after class & soccer practice,
followed by college and olympic training trips.

Hurdling HS you supported my obligations;
Newspaper staff, lawn company and training,
all while being a mentor for my little brothers.
Man how I miss you.

With college departure near, you aided my decisions.
As I wandered from
your desired path in experimentation;
partying & turning away sport offers,
you let me breath.
You understood my sibling love,
my desire to stay close to our family.
For this I am missing you.

You followed me to college.
You transferred your life, for me.
You built a new career from scratch.
You found new love and sacrificed old,
to be here for me!
Poppa I am missing you.

After college we reunited.
The kick ass cousins joined in fraternity.
Siblings bonded once again under single roof.
You guided me thru roller coaster relations
and we merged our businesses.
I love you for so.

Through it all, I begged for you;
I prayed and cried for you
to improve your unhealthy ways.
Smoking, ingesting unnatural sweets,
refusing to exercise, all building to your demise.

October 2003 gave you the warning shot.
I was prepared for your heart to stop.
You and others were not.
Looking down at your disabled shell,
hospital tubes and machines keeping you alive.

You were spared & time extended,
but your spirit was crushed.
Your pain never left,
so you just continued forward in acceptance.

March 9th 2005, medical tests show
damage far beyond the heart.
Cancer tumors spread through 80%,
force us to accept time is near an end.
July 4th, we celebrate your life,
I lift you from wheelchair to hospice bed,
tuck you in and exchanging xxoo,
your last breath praising our love and thanks.
Your spirit lifts to heaven
as your body reaches final rest.


Jerry Fredrich Frentz
3/9/55 ~ 7/4/05

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