Poetry in Progress

Posted: March 21, 2011 in Creative Writings, Table Of Contents

A bunch of random lines to come back to when I have writers block!


A morning hello from you… being the first sign of life in my day, is the equivalent of the first ray of light over the star covered ocean.






I’m wishing we were working beside each other at little matching desks right now.

Am I missin you?


bluuuckkkk … what r you doin to me?
I like that you are taming me a bit.
I better keep the rest of these thoughts in my head until we r together,
… is it tomorrow yet?

You r stuck in my head like a top priority on my to do list,

tacked to my corky board of life.

YOU R written at the top in RED – ALL CAPS,

on my dry erase board checklist; IN PERMANENT INK.

YOU love to be active!

Bike, run, swim, hike, whatever…

Team sport or solo, you love it! …


50% of my time is active and you are keeping up.

What if we met through sporting activities?

I could be failing to toss an ultimate Frisbee,

and you could be waiting to play tennis!


I like that YOU are increasing the food you grow!

You avoid unnatural foods and pick produce with seeds.

I smile when You VoTe carefully at national stores.

YOU understand the importance of supporting local and organic,

and in return I understand YOU.

I sacrifice all the comforts and leisure you work so hard for.

The balance in trade is equal.

We r like yin and yang. Separate we yearn for the other,

but together we achieve true nirvana.

Long as we stay close,

we can always share each others lives

even if the experiences are short in length.

I show no shyness and bust out my crazy yogi,

exposing no fear in skimpy cloth, and…

and YOU smile in admiration, partially tempted to join in.

I like it! Your smile makes me smile.

Your giggle even lifts my stress and returns my balance.

I get it, YOU are highly evolved within homo sapiens.

Am I dreaming?

Are you real?

Do you ever lose your temper and get out of control?

You stay up late to spend time with me,

then get up before the sun.

You go spread your joyful smile with people in pain;

bringing hope and relief to the world –

8 hours a day, 5 days a week, yet…

YOU are conditioned to exercise 2.5 more hours beyond that!

I LIKE YOU for being YOU.

You travel to visit me and

enjoy the time we spend together.

You fluster when I stall our making out to divert to board game bets,

but we both enjoy the anticipation,

like our volcano as it is about to erupt.

Even though we are alone in the forest, you close the blinds.

I don’t know if I will ever understand that.


YOU again make me laugh.

And when you sleep, you are so quiet and peaceful …

yet you insist on the noise of a fan?

You must have slept with it as little girl.

I Love that you are a risk taker!

Camping in the wild, surviving a rough adventure.

Hiking the dark, rolling around in the unknown.

A memory that will forever be etched.

Holding my hand; YOU and your pup confront dangerous rapids –

conquering fear together, we grow as a team.

Spending weekends together, our plans full of excitement.

From morning charity runs & home improvement projects –

to getting down and dirty in your garden.

From leisure starry night park strolls,

to winding down with couples cooking and

passing out herb buzzed & wine tipsy.

We spend equal time apart,

sometimes torn to go separate ways for weeks at a time.

We know the abstinence will make the heart grow fonder,

but how will we evolve?

ONLY time will tell…

Thinking of YOU!

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