Maintain Sustainable Living with little Sacrifice

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Living sustainably in the traditional sense means that one is living 100% from resources within their own local location and non reliant upon aid from others. In a more modern sense, sustainable living generally means a family or single residence is using less resources then what is calculated as producible per capita in their area from local resources.

Living a sustainable life comes with sacrifices most Americans do not want to accept.

Most of the world’s civilizations keep their traditions alive by supporting laws made to encourage standards of living that require a bit of “sacrifice”.

Now when I talk about “sacrifices”, I am referring to the act of physically meeting the primary needs of survival with minimal use of technology.

Starting right now as you read this, you need to get your faith back. You once had a dream of creating material wealth without relying on others by means of self employment. Make those dreams reality just like all your ancestors before you. For over 99.9% of the recorded history of man, our elders lived long comfortable lives living sustainably and recent infatuations with industry and capitalism is changing populated societies.

It is easy to live sustainably in rural areas if you follow the guidance of traditionalists like me. I spend my time in rural areas of Maui, East Texas, Nebraska, PA, and California mostly so you will read about sustainability in these areas. Occasionally I end up in other countries as well.

Here are some examples of the sacrifices we make in the USA but that are still considered part of the norm around most of the world.

– Minimize Everything from consumption to waste. The process begins by growing and collecting natural resources. Use/make/buy 1 natural dish each instead of having cabinets full of unused items; wash dishes with home made soap and cold water or solar warm water after each use. Use and make natural products when at all possible. It is amazing how much is made out of hemp. The process is the circle of life so the beginning closely follows the end in time. Meaning, that we reuse as much as possible until the end of the useful consumption life and then we recycle the resources into new things.

– Learn to maintain and maximize the efficiency of what technology you do use. Repair your own vehicles; fix your home appliances; do your own yard work; use one laptop and a mobile smart phone with a satellite connection *(see ) or phone data plan; use the laptop for practically everything including tv/movie loading. Do your best to power everything off of renewable energy.

– Travel with mass transit and bikes. For those heroes who sacrifice their lives doing public services and health care, some duties can not be avoided without extreme uses of fuel but for most people in urban areas there is enough fuel wasted to power the rest of the world every HOUR!

These are just a few broad examples of what principles I try to follow as much as possible. Many more specific examples are focused on in follow up articles so bookmark this link and enjoy my many stories.


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