Sorting It Out With DR. Phil

Posted: May 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

Post contributed by Leonard Phelps

Dr. Phil is my favorite talk show host, and he hosts a show called Dr. Phil. This is my favorite talk show simply because Dr. Phil is a very smart doctor. This guy has all kinds of different people on the show, and most of them look and feel like the average everyday person. The main point of the show basically revolves around people with some sort of problems coming onto the show to talk to Dr. Phil about it. This excited e because Dr. Phil knows how to do his job, and he will usually bring out the truth in the people coming on the show. These people normally have some sort of problem, and a lot of th! em will try to hide it away.

This could be something to do with addiction, or anything really. The host always knows what to say to get the person to open up, and they always do. There are many other talk shows like this one, but they are different because the hosts are a lot meaner than Dr. Phil. I Love the fact that even though Dr. Phil is very smart, and on television he still doesn’t simply attack the people that come on his show. He gets to the bottom of the problems the individuals are having, and he does it without tearing them down too much. I always watch Dr. Phil on cable tv movie channels because that is my primary service provider.

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