If you are having concerns in a serious relationship/marriage or just wondering if you should get serious and committed with someone, this survey will help you examine the important issues.

Keep Score:
2 points: YES
1 point: MAYBE or Kind Of
0 points: NO or DON’T KNOW


Are they romantic?

Do they do little things to make you feel special?

Do they stay up all night with you when you are sick?

Do they go out of their way when you need them to?

Will they do an activity with you even if they don’t prefer it?

Do they get jealous but tell you calmly?

Do they love your children or pets and treat them like their own?

Do you have similar interests in ideas for a fun date?



Will they commit to you fully, faithfully and show no signs of desire for others?

Do they check in with you when away to remind you how much you mean to them?

Do they always answer calls when away late at night when prearranged?

When they make mistakes are they honest and open with you?

When they need to rectify something, do they include you? (Avoid sneaking behind your back.)

Do they tell others exactly what they tell you? (Avoid hiding things and changing details.)

Do they include you in their entire life? (Do they openly praise you for being with them?)



Are they active?

Do they make time to help others?

Do they consider reactions of nature around them when making decisions?

Are they active in the community and aware of world current events?



Do they love your flaws and promise to hold your hand if you want to improve?

Will they help you improve in areas you to want to improve?

Can they fix things with/for you?

Do they show initiative like cleaning the house without being asked?



Are their religious views following the same core principals as yours within acceptance?

Do they respect your things but not take them for granted?

Do they tell you to save money that you want to spend on them if it is not needed?

Do they show strong moral character as guided by the 10 commandments?

Are they comfortable with a sustainable income and job or do they show signs of greed?



Do they like similar things as you as far as art, sports, camping, spirituality?

Do you like the same music and hobbies?

Will they attend events with you even if they are not interested but know it means a lot to you?

Will they eat ethnic food you like even if they are not fond of it?

Do they prefer the same grocery products as you?



Do they exercise regularly and eat healthy?

Do they like similar forms of exercise as you?

Do you do activities together that you may like more then them?

Are you sexually attractive to each other? (Is the sex great or mediocre?)

Are they shy around you or would they do kinky things to make you feel special?

Do they want to touch every inch of you and offer foreplay and massages?

Are they content with cuddling? (or do they try to force sex when you are not in the mood!)

Are they flexible and able to be creative and exciting?

Do you sleep well with them?

Do you feel aggravated and extra lonely when you are not sleeping with them?

Do you think of them while with others?



Do they refrain from raising their voice when there is a disagreement?

Do they avoid violence when being confronted?

Will they communicate openly and in a timely manner with you?

Do they challenge themselves to read and learn constantly? (Are they highly educated.)

Are they special in character and unique? (or are they just another plain normal person.)

Are they well rounded with technology and things in your daily life?

ENTER TOTAL SCORE HERE = TOTAL ______  out of 100



Do all their benefits strongly out weigh their areas for improvement in your eyes?

What are their problem areas and will it be easy to find someone with all these benefits PLUS more to offer beyond these flaws?

How many people do you know that have married the perfect soul mate?

How many people you know complain about their mates flaws but accept them?


How do you and your mate score?

90-100: You are doing better then most marriages. There is definitely true love between you. There is always areas to improve but don’t shy away from this person without serious consideration. It is not often you will find someone who scores this high. They will love you when you look your worst.


80-89: The average marriage will rate here. You are lucky to find someone who you share this much in common with. Embrace your time together.


70-79: A long term relationship may not be in your future but there is potential if you are willing to work for it. Be willing to make sacrifices. If it does not feel right dating, focus on friendship and spending time in public.


50-78: You may be stressing over this person too often. Keep your time together short and infrequent. You will get along best if you only do quick things together. Do not go on day long trips expecting romance. If you are married or really want a long term commitment from this person, seek couples counseling!


BELOW 50: You must really like this person or be lonely if you are spending your time taking this survey with this person in mind? It will be a long road to find happiness with this person but we wish the best of luck if you stick it out.


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