Book Proposal

title undecided
by Timothy Jon Frentz


Tim Frentz

Genre: Religious / Inspirational

Style: Written in Second Person

Target Readers: All ages. This book appeals to all with religious curiosity and interests and stands above the competition because it is written for the penny pinchers who are hardest to sell to.  This will tap the spending vault of the tightest pockets like no other book can. My readers like religious, self help, inspirational, relationship building, action/adventure, romance, political and current events. It has it all. Readers lead spiritual lifestyles rich in wellness activities. They also show strong efforts of self educating and pro-action for current events. This book will be bought and read by those with voids in their lives. My social network fans read my short blog stories and pray for more full length books so they can be inspired to increase their own philanthropic efforts and restore faith and hope for man kind.

Word Count: 100,000+ (400 pages)

Biography: I am special and unique because I have lived the life of the character in the book. I have sold my material possessions, moved into a storage unit, lived in a van, traveled on foot and motorcycle, been around the world, started several companies, founded a Charity and given 80% of my net worth and I do wander the streets as a super hero with my eyes and ears open for people in trouble.

Worthy Mentions: This will be self published 1/2012 if not under contract.

Title: undecided


Author: TJF

Premise: The USA is overtaken by greed and industrialization of natural resources. The majority of citizens have become pawns to change. The chosen few prophets reborn, walk the country setting examples of change. Here you read about their efforts as seen through the eyes of Saint-to-be Timothy.

Benefits: After completing The Knew Bible, readers will be inspired to create change around them, citing examples from this book to inspire others and be able to use chapters as quick instructional guides. A modern look at the traditional bibles before it is here.

Features: Pages of instructional self help guides and scientific facts and studies will deliver these benefits to the reader. Real life examples and results of Saint-to-be Timothy‘s efforts light the path for all.

Overview: The book is divided into [number] sections and [number] chapters.

The Manuscript Status: 70%

Anticipated Length: 400 pages (100k+ words)

Anticipated Completion:
Material Time Stops: 8/8/11
Manuscript Ready for Publisher editing: 1/1/12

The Market:
Characteristics: The target audience for this book is made up of all people of all ages and types. Strong Christians and other religious folk will read to be reminded of their duties to improve the communities around them. People who have made mistakes in life will read to find inspiration of change. Parents and educational bodies will distribute this book because it represents a fictional view of the concepts of modern life based on the Christian 10 Commandments and solutions to fix their communities mistakes. Activists will purchase this book because of the facts and examples of progress.

Motivations: Religious spiritual types will read because they want to read about all the good deeds and solutions to battle evil. Political activists will read to find contacts and examples of others like them battling their frustrations. Everyone will read to self educate on solutions for all their problems. Nearly everyone desires to live free and sustainably and travel the world like the character of this book.

Affinity Groups: Church and spiritual groups. Educational bodies. Governing organizations.

Differentiation: There is no direct competition because this lifestyle mostly has only survived in Islander, Buddhist and Hindu cultures. This book brings a unique story to readers who have chosen materialistic temptation and need to get back on the true Christian path.

The Author
Timothy Frentz, born 8/8/1977 in Grand Island NE; Grew up under the guidance of the traditional cultures of his grand parents. A strong Christian childhood etched the 10 commandments into his adult life. He studied English, Indigenous History and Business at the University of Nebraska from 1995-2002. Frentz has assisted in the founding of many business‘ and continues consulting several to this day.

In 2004, his father battled poor health and passed away July 4, 2005. Frentz saw it as a sign he needed to do more philanthropy and spend more days as if they were his last. He founded a Helping Hands Network to gather the efforts of all the small organizations in the world doing great deeds. He took to the road and has been following the path of fate ever since, helping as many as possible along the way. His publications tell the stories of all the efforts along the way.

Previous Writing:
Self published online self help books include: “Life‘s Little Secrets“ ; “Dart Training Tips“ ; Several Auto/Technical “How To Guides“ ; “The Life of a College Student“ ; and “Must Have Computer Dr. Tools”.

Possible Endorsers:
Mike Nappi – Professional Philadelphia Recording Artist who wrote an Album based on Frentz’s story.

Julian – NY Times Best Selling Author who spent time with Frentz during his wetlands project in New Orleans.

NO Park – Save the Wetlands Coordinator. Frentz volunteered 2 weeks of help in New Orleans City Park.

Debbie – East Texas Arts and Humanity Council. Frentz has worked with Youth support groups.

Pastors – New Orleans (Jim Morrison) Replant Central Park, Tyler Texas, Joplin MO, Lincoln NE. Frentz has worked with several Church groups to volunteer for projects.

Personal Marketing:
Facebook Fans – 700+ ; Twitter – Infinite reach with Hash tags ; Blog – 1000+ reads a month ; YouTube – 200+ channel views a month ; Examiner Sustainable Life Journalist – 1000+ reads a month ; eBay Fundraising Sales Store – 2000+ reads a month ; Amazon Sales Store 1000+ reads a month. Websites 1000+ month. Painted Vehicle – 5000+ views a month. Discussion boards (Facebook, twitter, reader/writer specialty) 500+ a month. BitTorrents Teasers 100+ Month Downloads.

Chapter Outline:

[Provide an annotated outline of the book. This outline should include section titles, chapter titles, and a two- or three-sentence description of each chapter’s content.]

Sample Chapters:

[Attach two sample chapters that best represent the book.]


A fictional story of a young man, reborn as a prophet of the creator, who is on a quest to restore the Elders Traditions along his journey to Sainthood. Timothy uses new age resources such as Facebook to direct those who want to help others WITH those who need help. When he spots someone not qualified for Bureaucratic support systems, the Helping Hands Network reaches out to fill in the blanks the best they can.

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