Too Much, Too Soon

Posted: July 2, 2011 in Creative Writings, Table Of Contents
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Two strangers find one another.

Physical attraction a plenty. Background details examined.  Acceptance found, desire lusted. Chemistry forms, bonds created.  Adventure, exploration, fantasy on the horizon.

Potential Love in the near future!  Mystery in the air, 
energizing the tension of passion.  Physical intimacy explodes,
Deep feelings forged before realized. 

One saturates the love quickly, the other comes overwhelmed and nervous. 
One fully committed, the other doubtful. 
Too much, too soon? 

One gives space and backs away, the other looking for anothers comfort. 
One prays amongst tears of lonliness,
The other still wondering what if?  What if the benefits were worth the flaws?
Are the flaws worth losing the unconditional love of another?

Will the other ever be loved unconditionally again? 
Was it truly too much, too soon or,  did the other’s temptations cloud her judgement? 
Will one be around, should the other be ready to committ?

The other must hurry or lose THE ONE forever! 

One may already be giving another too much too soon.


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