Posted: July 3, 2011 in Creative Writings
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In This Moment

Here I sit again.
Alone, lost, heart broken.
Crying in pain and suffering,
not knowing why the lord has put me here.

In this moment, why at this moment.
Months of effort to build a partnership.
Months of unconditional love, commitment, and sacrifice;
lead to changes being made to support your needs.
Hundreds of precious moments, testimonies of intimate love and romance.
So many road trips and adventures, too many to just turn away.

In this moment,
OUR Dishonest actions cause OUR reactions.
Jealousy and intrusion force me deep into secrets.
Over and over I want to intervene and keep the truth between us.

In this moment,
all I want is to do is help you free yourself.
Free your guilt, remove your secrets.
Open up and keep a trust filled life together.

Why does my effort result in anger towards me?
Why does it take so long for you to honor my effort?
Do you now see I love you so much,
so that I could not keep any secrets from you?

In this moment,
I love you so much that I held my tongue.
I watched from up above,
as you shared your love with another.
Yet I know not if you appreciate my tolerance?

In this moment,
I wait alone, surrounding myself with strangers and church folk.
Praying you will call and invite me back into your life.
I sit solo, watching others laugh and play, trying not to cry.
I join in but can not focus. All I want is to be spending time with you.

In this moment,
Sleep is short as I cuddle with pillows in your absence.
When I meet other attractive women,
I tell them I am still in a relationship,
with the hope you will invite me back.

Now this moment is fading.
Time is passing and
I have to spend time with others before I go crazy.
I can not be alone.
I have so much love to share.
Each additional day without sharing myself,
I spend an extra day in anger.

The moment is almost gone.
All I can think about is playing house,
tending your garden and our “kids”,
and doing the man chores in your life.
These are what I need in my life;
YOUR LOVE, YOUR Commitment, YOUR hand in mine.

Will you let the moments vanish forever?
There is only time between us now,
but soon I will begin to walk.
Each step taking me further from you.
Each step, each passing moment stretching the last of your love for me.

will they be replaced by the moments of another?


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