Controlling Garden Pests

Posted: August 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

Here are some pointers on keeping bugs away from your food plants!


Mint (make a spray for your plants or keep mint planted near by)


Catnip and rosemary

Chives, another herb, are believed to deter aphids, which can be very damaging to the vegetable garden. It is wise to bring them inside for the winter.



Marigolds have a very pungent odor. –including mosquitoes

Tansies are another flower that help deter bugs. The tansy will repel ants, beetles and squash bugs.

Petunias and chamomile also help deter bugs in the yard and garden


A geranium, nasturtium, fleabane, sunflowers and cosmos. These plants repel bothersome and damaging insects including beetles, aphids, squash bugs and white flies.



Lavender is a perennial that deters ticks and moths.

Larkspur will ward off some insects as well as rabbits if they are another pest in the yard and garden.



Cayenne Pepper, garlic and dish soap as a spray




Earth worms

Bird feeder near by

Butterfly water dish with clay and rocks

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