A Girl I once Knew WELL

Posted: August 24, 2011 in Uncategorized
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THIS SERMON brought to you by “a girl I once knew well”

The girl I once knew is great and I can not talk about someone without them being part of the discussion but in summary I knew a girl who lost her way with material possessions and over spending and let her debt stress consume her decision making towards the partners role in her life. I helped that said girl improve and increase her efficiency for 7 months before the lord decided it was time for me to give up and move on.

Over 15 some times this has been my life and the lord puts me in positions to help others and usually the 6 month mark is always when he shows me to the door…

Funny how it seems to always be that way. It is hard for a girl to love a man unconditionally and have full faith that they will be financially stable without being “shown” the money.

It comes to that a lot but it is how I will know when I find “the one”…

$ is A ROOT of evil when not used for the greater good of society and community and I have yet to find the right lady in my life who has been touched by God deep enough to understand where the comfort lines between savings and spending best serve the tithing purpose…

here here.. well said. I know my sermon on material items is old age traditional but the spirit of my soul is 3rd world, depressed and impoverished. The average Modern United states citizen has let the media desires from large corporations blind them into thinking they need far beyond the necessities of life to be happy.

These wants are not reachable by the middle class and they expand into credit that has been forced upon them since college campus festival days. Homes are over financed and mortgaged to fail and crash down around those who lose their jobs or get pay cuts.

The dollar is not the dollar of our elders. It is not longer based on real gold but rather printed on interest loaned by China who has acquired ALL of our nations gold.

If we do not grow our own and make our own like our elders, we will continue to fail and separate and segregate the wealthy and powerful from those below.

Those who understand that they have the power to make a change by voting are surrounded by my presence. Every purchase is a vote to support those attached to that purchase. Purchase small and increase the power of “the people”.

You can purchase local and fresh and fair trade and independent and community needs OR you can increase the distance between the wealthy and pawns by supporting large world corporations like WalMart, Starbucks, Monsanto, Cargill, GE, and so on.

Those who make attempts to improve are happy to be with me.

Those who refuse to listen, shun me and eventually remove me from their life and I leave the battle between them and their God alone.


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