Ramp Repair in Emory 4 Sarah Murray ASAP?!*

Posted: September 13, 2011 in CAUSES, Helping Hands Events, Table Of Contents
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Emory Tx

Meet Sarah Lou Emory:

“I have sever disabilities and a rotten particle board ramp for my scooter chair and deep sand it sinks in can anyone help me ? I HAVE NO MONEY FOR SUPPLIES OR CONCRETE BUT i have Love and Prayer I cannot walk and Gov wont help me with ramp and safety bars in house ..anyone that could pitch in would be a blessing from God my phone is 903 474 5142 Im scared of this ramp but so many more need to I hate to ask when I worked I donated and also did free labor for disabled and elderly but now all i have is my upper body and no help but Gods Help. HE IS ALWAYS WITH ME AMEN love and blessings Mama Sarah 141 CR 1155 Emory Tx 75440 Plz be my frien and call me hope your in Tx now God Bless You I need help bad and killing me to ask love to all


IF YOU KNOW someone near Emory or can find some church or 4h groups etc. in the area to go do these repairs… PLEASE take charge and help Sarah ASAP.  -thank you.

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