East Neb. – FREE Wachiska Wildflower Harvest October 23

Posted: October 20, 2011 in CAUSES, FOOD, GREEN, Helping Hands Events, Table Of Contents
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14th Annual Wachiska Wildflower Seed Harvest
This Sunday, October 23

The practice of stripping the seeds off the gayfeather spikes on the four-acre tract on my 80 near Pleasant Daleearns good money for Wachiska. I recently received a check from the Stock Seed Farms near Murdock for $4,400 from last year’s harvest which Wachiska volunteers gathered last October. There were a total of 317 lbs. of seeds and chaff I took to Stocks. The cleaned seed totaled 110 lbs. for which we were paid $40 per pound. The reason for the late payment is that we receive more per pound of seed if we wait until Stocks sell the seed during the year.

Equipment needed: Since the harvesting consists of stripping the seeds from the stalks, leather gloves are suggested. I have a number of 5-gallon buckets which can be used, or you can bring a bucket if you have one. Stripping the seeds can be speeded up if both hands are used. This can be done by wearing a belt to hold the bucket.

Directions:  From Lincoln, go west on “O” Street (Hwy. 6). At 5 miles west of Emerald you will pass through the just completed Pleasant Dale roundabout. Go one more mile west to 168th Street which is on the west side of the Pleasant Dale Cemetery. Turn north (right) and go north about 200 yards or about halfway down the hill, and turn west through the gate onto the prairie. There is a blue sign with, I believe 915 on it, at the gate.

Due to timely rains this summer there is an excellent crop of seed to be harvested, and we would appreciate a lot of help showing up around 1:00 p.m. or anytime later, this Sunday.

In the past, some volunteers have said they would like to have some of this thick spike gayfeather (Liatris pycnostachya) in their flower beds. You can take as much seed as you wish for planting, or even better, dig up a bunch of plants for transplanting. I will have a spade available for this purpose.

Hope to see you Sunday afternoon. Bring the kids and the neighbors, too. There’s a lot of stripping to be done (seed stripping, that is!).

Joyce Coppinger
Lincoln Green Building Group

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