It was a busy week at work so I didn’t go anywhere other then Occupy LA.

Beside work tasks, we did a grocery trip on Wed and TR Will and I went to the bank.

Friday, I drove big momma and Brian to the DMV to get California IDs. They make out of staters take a written test but only require 2 proofs of ID and no residency proof just like I experienced in Texas.

Friday night I was still weak from a mild Bronchitas and I was going back out first thing in the morning so I stayed home and watched a movie.

Saturday I wanted to help a group clean up Venice Beach so I headed up there. It was sunny when I left south bay but it got cloudy as the bus went further north. I met a nice Australian family that worked for the same company in Dallas as the nice family I met with Bekah at Arkansas’ Albert Pike. Made for a fun chat about a wide variety of topics from the Occupation, IRS, Fed Reserve to talks about our travels. It was a great talk.

Once I arrived in Venice I could not find the group and I did not get a phone number so I rode around all afternoon between the Sana Monica amusement park and Venice. Will and I kept missing each other too even though I spent several hours playing soccer volley in the north green. I broke my toe when I kicked it wrong with my left foot. It would take nearly 4 months to heal.

There was also a Xbox skateboard competition going on that I recorded for awhile before heading back home.

By the time I got home Sung was ready to go out for his birthday. I showered quickly and then Neil, Sung and I headed back to the Sana Monica Del Rio hotel for a party. I almost stayed in from my long workout but it was a good thing they talked me into it because I would meet a special lady this night.

Upon entering the lobby I could see there where far less women and even fewer attractive ones so I picked a seat by the piano and started writing while enjoying the music. In the next section over I noticed a beautiful eastern european woman dressed in detailed fashion that fit her to perfection. Her blue jeans fit her curves like body paint and the array of bright colors of her top ensemble drew the males to her like the tail feathers of the peacock.

I studied how she talked to the men closely through the night and studied how her attention would wander in my direction while in discusions with others. By the end of the night I could tell she was single and not imprssed with the 10+ guys hitting on her so I moved to the seat near her and as she was getting ready to leave she approached me and started a talk. I told her we were moving on and simply asked her how I could get ahold of her and she gave me her number. While I was driving Bella and I exchanged some texts that made it clear she wanted to get to know me so I told her I would come back the next day.

Sunday Oct. 23, I made the boys a nice breakfast and then headed back to the train. From the LAX station I caught the Santa Monica bus and went to north beach. I got to talk to a nice lady and an ex pro baseball pitcher who had been extras in some movies on the way. Once I was at the pier I called Bella to see if she was free and she said she would call me when she made it to the beach.

We spent the next several hours walking the strand from north Monica to Venice. We passed Sung and his lady while watching the gymnasts practice. This father was training his 2 year old by holding him up in the air on one hand to improve the childs balance and confidence. It was amazing! After the cloudy sunset over the ocean we went a few blocks in land onMontana to a bakery for some hot cocoa and talked about dinner options. We decided to pick up some pasta and sauce veggies and go cook at her house. She has gone 11 years in LA without getting hitched or pregnant so I was not expecting any intimacy on the first date so it was easy to keep my hormones in check.

While cooking she explained her only other serious time with a guy and the only guy to visit her house was a pretty famous actor. I deffinately won’t be able to treat her to all the fancy fun that he did so I’m not sure how long she will be interested in me. We got along great and she taught me a lot about Lebanon and her Muslim culture. We cuddled while watching a movie and eventually stopped kissing long enough to force us to get up and take me back to the bike.

I lost track of time so I missed the last 2am bus and had to bike 15 miles home. Going around the marina Del Ray and the airport is such a hastle it took me until nearly 4am to get home. I then had to sleep on the bench and wait until someone came out of the condo entrance so I could get in. It was 6am by the time I finally got to bed but it was well worth it!


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