Woke up and it was sunny so I was motivated to get my yoga done in the hot tub and swim some laps. Then I lifted, did some P90 cardio and laid out to tan and dry a bit while eating breakfast. Then it was off to Shhmokewear and my bus tour of downtown.

Our news video coverage in Orlando was passed to the Associated Press and school boards around the country so sales were coming in fast. Some were from school drug awareness programs so we announced a discount code for them.


Tuesday morning, we were featured by Perez Hilton and gossip of the pot bracelet spread quickly for even more web traffic and sales. We were sure to reach a few celebrity endorsements now. We quickly started working on a sales contract for Sean.


Wednesday I went and applied for a PO box and medi-cal coverage then after work I got our newest artist, Lee, to drop me off at AgapeLive.com in Culver City. He just happen to live by there.

The Agape begin with 20 minutes of meditation and then expand into singing. There is a book store and the walls are covered with paintings of all the leading peace activists and prophets of most religions. The singing and gathering is lead and organized by Ricky BB of the the Black Eyed Peas and her husband does the preaching. The crowd really gets into dancing. The singing was just like being at a BEP concert but there are 4 sessions of preaching and Michael Beckwith’s style is too loud and energetic for more then the first 15 minute message. I met BobbyJasso.com sitting beside me.


I would step out during the sermons and browse the book shop and then return for the singing. I met a wonderful young man sitting behind me who was willing to give me a ride about 3 miles northwest to Santa Monica. He was looking to find his spirituality so I told him my story about traveling the world building the Helping Hands Network.

The next morning on the bus to work I met a nice guy who was in the comedian circle and had a connection to Snoop. He told me a good way to reach Snoop was to get product in his Serius Pimp store in Orange County.

We considered going to a Jamaica Dub Step night at Marbella in Hollywood but decided to work late so we could have a sales contract ready for Sean.

I went around looking for a soccer game and a used skate board for my evening workout.

Friday, Sean came over to sign his sales Rep contract and then we drove to Redondo and chilled at the pad for the night. The gorgeous latin girl I met my first night at Occupy finally added me and said hi on facebook. It had been 5 weeks but better late then never. We ended up chatting for an hour and made plans to meet at the Elysian park by Dodger stadium on Monday and maybe Occupy on Sunday. I told her about partying at the Vortex the next Friday and camping with the burners over Thanksgiving and she welcomed the invitation.

Saturday, Sean and I went to the gym and then shopping at thrift stores. I got hemp shorts finally, and quartoroy pants and some rasta swim shorts that were a bit too tight. I also picked up some brown Perry Ellis shoes to match and 2 picture frames for Bellas art gift.

It was almost 6 by the time I got to Bellas for dinner. She took me to a prayer gathering and along the way I was caught in a judgement turn at a light. People were coming at me and another turning in front of me while I was entering a left turn, then someone walked into a cross walk 3 lanes away behing me. A cop was right there and decided to cite me for not yielding to a pedestrain. In California, they send you the fine amount in the mail and assign you a court date. If you don’t get a written note you have to appear in court.

It was such a Mickey Mouse decision by the officer and there was no way for me to avoid losing money that I would be bummed whole weekend. Even if you show up at 8:30am for court, it is 3 hours out of my way for travel; 1+ hours wasted there plus I still have to pay the court costs. It ends up being the same as just paying the fine so the whole system is a damn sham…yet just another reason I Occupy LA.

The prayer service was my first direct Muslim experience. You take your shoes off when you walk in and the girls are sitting along the walls while the men sit in a circle in the middle. The gent beside me welcomed me and would whisper the translations and details. Their prayers would break into hymns at times and some would sound similar to Budhist chants.

The prayer session begun with everyone welcoming and shaking hands in a walking line and then one after another you take the next spot on the circle. Once the circle is completed you sit and the Shieke begins the prayers. First you have the days prayer, then prayers for your loved ones. Then you stand and form a sideways line facing the Shieke. The translator whispered that each gesture represents a unique prayer and they recite God is Pure 33 times, then God is All mighty 33 times and God is Loving 33 times and then God is great to complete 100 prayers while doing the gestures made up of knealing, kissing the ground, bowing and moving your arms. It was challenging for me because my buddhist soul just wants a clear mind while absorbing the elements around me while chanting and humming.

They say Salam Malakam meaning hello and Malakam Salam for good bye. Salam can be used anytime in blessing and then they touch their heart. We all shared in a meal after and I just followed my translator around to mimic his action in order to not offend the custom. The men still remained separated from their women but Bella brought me food and asked me to sit in the middle of the floor with her. She quickly corrected my direction as I first sat facing the women.

After we were done, we talked about meeting her friends at a club to dance but decided to just go relax at home.

I gave her a cartooned variation of our meditation garden picture completing the gift portion of our Muslim dating ceremony. This exchange freed her to openly explore her sexuality without pressure and guilt so there was not much sleep to be had on this night.



Sunday Nov. 5th, we eventually got out to Will Rogers Park. You could walk around his ranch house and look into the windows to see how he lived. It is similar to walking around Elvis’ Memphis plantation. We hiked around the horse stable and up the mountain to an amazing look out spot. We could see the coast all the way to Catalina Island.

As we returned to the car we sat and watched a group playing soccer. I then took Bella back home and then headed to South Bay for movie night with Sung.

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