Typical Monday with hot tub yoga and lap swimming then off to Shhmokewear, only this day Sean was going with me so I didn’t need to take the bus.We got his contract in agreeance and SI was off to another milemarker.

On Tuesday I biked Elysian mountain around Dodger stadium. I was still looking for a good pickup soccer pilada in the downtown area with no luck. My friend Sandy that I met at Occupy was trying to find a time to show me around. I checked with her as I was biking and she told me we would have to reschedule so I took my time going over some steap dark paths before heading back to Shhmokewear.

On Friday we packed up to hike Death Valley and the Saline Valley Springs. While waiting for Sean to show up a flock of nearly 30 wild parots flew into our tree. It was a United States bird watchers dream opportunity that rarely happens. There are not very wild parrots outsideMiami.

It took us 8 hours with stops to make it to the Big Pine entrance to Death Valley. It was about 250 miles from LA. The road was not marked to our meetup spot which was called Eureka Dunes. There were about 10 other vehicles camping on the dunes but none of them were with the meetup group so we took off solo the next morning after hiking around the area. First we traded some Shhmokewear for 4 gallons of water and directions.


The mountain pass road from the dunes to the spring was 30 miles shorter then the highway wrap around but took 2 hours to make it over so risky rock roads.

At the peak there is a hidden spot the locals call Marble Rock. It is worth trying to find but I am not going to describe it because I enjoy the mystery. There was another area called the racetrack. This spot is a shallow lake bed that freezes and then the wind pushes the rocks around on the ice like they are racing.

We stopped the only car that passed us and traded some Shhmokewear for 4 gallons of gas and then set up camp by the springs.

As we drove through the valley floor towards the Oasis, I was amazed to see a combination of volcano blow out, faulte and ice glacier deposit

The hot springs are amazing. The main spring has trees all around it. There is a fish pond with Koi and cold water pools and a fire pit. Over the years people have added many shade awnings and benches and other comfort features. We chilled there all day reading, drawing, writing etc.

Over time people have added gravity pressure plumbing to create warm showers. The average visitor is around 60 and enjoys being nude.

As the sun set on our fall solstice I caught a glimpse on Venus for 3 minutes while meditating in the hot spring before it chased the sun behind the mountain. The full moon and stars and sounds of the desert at night was all one more giant spot of heaven on earth. Wild burros and coyotes scampered around our tent. I crashed early and woke up at Sunrise.

The reds and orange colors painted a masterpiece over the peaks of the cliffs as I did some 6am yoga in serenity.

I took some pictures and alerted the boys before laying back down for a while. The others opened their eyes and Sean spouted “the sun is already up”, before falling back asleep.

Sean got up right after me and went to the spring while I did a workout and then prepared an applesauce and fruit breakfast.

We packed everything and started taking the tent down with Will sleeping inside. While the boys where tieing the gear down I went to aask our neighbor if we could us their air compressor to put our tires up to pavement pressure. After they complied and started pulling out we discovered our battery was not turning the starter over so I quickly waved them back over.

None of us were anxious to go back to the city but we all wanted to see Shhmokewear grow so we sucked it up. I was going to go have dinner with Bella when we got back but when I called she was still upset about me not giiving her enough attention so I left my stuff at the office and went home with Sean to relax. She may never ask to see me again since I am so busy. Only time would tell.

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