Nov. 14, my “normal” Monday; hot tub yoga, weights, AB workout, swim laps and tanning while eating breakfast. I was feeling extra relaxed after my long weekend stay in Euphoria so I moved about slowly and was behind schedule for work arrival. I took some extra time to unpack the camping gear and looking at the neighborhood thrift for a soccer and basketball and pump.

This week I am going to start doing more solo then just biking around looking for people to workout with.

This week I also need to follow up with the Food program, PO box and my traffic ticket.

Tuesday I jogged in the morning pand spent some time trimming the Guava tree in the garden. I wrote a letter to the Santa Monica Attorney explaining my defense of my pedestrian citation. We closed a $5000 sale and shipped it today, providing enough funds for 2 weeks of operation.

Tuesday night I got a soccer ball for free from the neighbors and went to the neighborhood rec center to kick around.

Wednesday I lifted extra and started screening off the fence so no more dogs would dig in the garden. My work day was filled with posting on forums to draw new traffic to

Over my lunch break each day I added new areas to the garden and seeded lettuce, Marigolds, cilantro, tobacco, brussels and cantelope. I found several cool marbles.

For the evening I went around the small shops looking for a discounted folding push scooter to get around on. Every few stores in Boyle Heights is a thrift store with great deals. I found an inflateable kayak for under $100 today and the $60 Razor scooter for only $40.

Thursday the attorney’s office replied to tell me I would have to deal directly with the PD to arrange payment for my citation but they did not include a contact so I replied with the request. I did not hear back by Friday so I would have to find the PD’s traffic citation contact myself.

We went and got a $1200 meeting table for free from a guy on Craigslist today.

Friday, I spent the day blacklisting New Galaxy Gifts in Orlando on several review sites like YELP today. They tried to claim that $600 of their order did not arrive and then requested we accept the remaining product back at our cost of shipping. We agreed and sent them the shipping label but the manager avoided 3 additional calls to confirm they were sending it back. After 2 weeks of waiting, it was time to file a theft report and Public consumer warnings.

After Will was done meeting with one our favorite team members (Lisa), we headed off for a nice relaxing night at SP’s.

We picked up some Sailor Jerry’s Rum and pineapple while Sean was fixing the dinner. It was a great night with the boys. SP’s beef and potato meal with salad and bread went perfect with the rum. We were all snookered by the time we finished our meal.

Sean came up with the idea to watch the classic 1939 Wizard of Oz to the sound track of the Dark Side of the Moon. This is always a blast when baked on party favorites. I was passed out 30 minutes in.

When I woke up I repacked my bags for a sleep over at Bellas and took my work bag out to Will’s van. Then I shaved and cleaned the mess from our dinner party. I went out to the pool to do yoga and our local hottie swimmer Eva was out. We talked and I got her number then went to eat breakfast. It was noon by the time I got Will out to work on bleeding his brakes.

After they had the hang of it, I headed to Rodeo Drive to research product brands and their marketing. I took a lot of notes and pictures and then Bella showed up. She was suppose to pick me up to go play tennis but was unprepared. She didn’t know where to play for free at night and did not bring clothes so we were going to lose an hour going to change at her house.

Then she wanted to go to the bathroom and walk around at shops and took me into Victorie Secret. I was getting more frustrated but yet enjoyed giving her pointers on lingerie. As we were picking out some items she acted like price didn’t matter? I soon realized she was trying to get me to buy everything and started lecturing about how she expects her man to pay for her?

Needles to say, I walked my dancing model to her car, told her good bye and never talked to her again.

I finished my Rodeo research then headed home to change and drop off my night bag so I could go dancing at Hermosa Pier. One of the actors who played a vampire in Cheech’s movie “From Dusk to Dawn” was on the Culver City bus from Beverly to LAX. He kept smiling at me everytime I looked near him to flirt with girls. He was pretty chill.

Once I was home I posted some new singles ads and headed to the bus stop. It was only 10:30 as I sat browsing the LA Weekly for things to do. By 11:30 I realized the bus was not in service and I would have to go to the LAX stop next time I need to get to the club. I budgeted to take the taxi home but not both ways.

I stopped at the market to get some chocolate donuts, milk and ice cream on the way back to the crib so I could bask in my lame evening alone. Going on 2 weeks with out any action so I started chatting online while watching movies and getting sleepy.

Sunday morning I was pumped with excitement in preparation for the MLS Cup final between LA Galaxy and Houston Dynamo. I watched “GOAL! The Dream” while eating, chatting with a new neighbor online and planning my bike route to the stadium. I thought it would stop raining so I wore jeans instead of my Adidas gear. I did remember to wrap my stuff in plastic though.

After the first mile of 6 I was drenched. =(

As I approached the stadium I could see the displays from all the major sponsors. I locked the bike by the XBox tent and started making the rounds.

The Xbox group was giving pictures of fans with the stadium in the background in gear of our choice. They also gave wrist sweat bands which had been on my list for years to buy.

The Castrol tent had a dribbling challenge to get a shoe bag or other small stuff. Their main booth gave you a jersey in exchange for providing any info you wanted on a form. I fill them all out with bogus info that I can memorize in case drawn for valuable prizes. Here you could meet Chris Wadolowski who had led the league in goals the last 2 seasons and a chance every 30 minutes for hot models to draw your name for signed team jerseys.

There were a couple small booths like American Airlines giving an iPod to one person who could guess the amount of balls in a phone booth and Bimbo Bread who provided unlimited cup cakes.

The next big swag item was from Continental tires. If you read a bit of facts and marked a quiz sheet you got nice MLS Galaxy Cup Final Scarfs. I went back a few times to get more for friends.

Dicks Sporting Goods was giving out rain ponchos so I detoured there to cover up my sponge jeans. They gave a picture of you with the team in the background away via web login. They also gave $20 gift cards every 30min. and $100 and $200 at 5 and 5:30 before kiick off.

Allstate gave a MLS Cup Beanie in exchange for info and provided meet and greats with Tony Meola. I got my picture taken with him and got a signed promo. Every 30 minutes they gave away $100 visa cards and at 5:30 they gave away 4 field access tickets worth $300 each!

Home Depot had a kids booth for construction and painting. They also had skills challenges for beanies and a skill course for a signed team jersey to the fastest time holder.

El Jimadora Tequila gave a picture with their models and free tequila cones. Yum.

VW had an 11v11 fose table, the MLS Cup trophy pictures, ponchos, Free balls and a meet and great with 2 mvp players.

At&T was giving Sony Ericson towels away and provided juggling demos and live music. They had a QR code that was linked to a drawing app. If lucky it would display winner and you got to choose a team jersey. 2 real lucky fans were suppose to be given signed balls but I check and tried through out the day and only 2 jerseys were awarded. I wrote a complaint letter to At&T that the system was faulty so they could improve it for future promos.

As the fireworks began I headed to the Alpine Lodge to join the dry fans at the club house and get dinner. The Alpine was a german octoberfest village with several buildings, flea market grounds and dance hall. There was only about 15 fans there so it was not a good place to celebrate. Next time I will try another location.

Sung picked me up so I would not have to bike all wet. I didn’t last long watching a movie on the couch.

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