Usual Monday workout. Good weekend sales waiting to be shipped upon my arrival.

Tuesday morning I went to the rec center to do a ball workout and the dance class was there. The 3 instructors are gorgeous so I stayed near by and watched them every once in awhile. After they were done I started a conversation with a student while waiting for them. When they came out I gave them my number and asked if they could help me find someone to play tennis with.   They told me to come back at 5:30 and help with the kids anytime and then we went our separate ways.

I had to get a form created before going back in the evening and I could not get back to the park until 7. By then, the girls were not around.  The short holiday week combined with us getting our $5000 payment today made the week fun and relaxed.

Wednesday I did a 2 hour cardio workout with extra ball dribbling. Work tasks were mostly emails and customer service help. Sean made his first sale which included 9 high end glass pieces.   I was able to stop working on time and got to the rec center to meet the dancers. I introduced myself to a soccer coach and he welcomed me to help them with practice. The kids were a blast and I enjoyed watching them laugh and smile while learning the new drills I taught them. The girls had to leave before we were done practicing but I’m sure I will see them again soon.

On Turkey day we had to package up Sean’s order plus Will closed a $500 sale as well to package. After that I returned a bunch of singles ad messages and then took the train over to have lunch with other Occupy protestors.  One thing I am not getting enough of in my life is intelectual/philosophical conversation and sometimes I find it there. My first September I met with Sandy Fleming. Several days over the past few weeks we have been continuing our talks from that first day.  Unfortunately the Occupy tent city has become cluttered with tarps and most all of the small vegetation has been destroyed and the vibe and energy is outside my comfort zone. I shared some bread and walked a full rotation through the camp without finding any deep conversation so I continued back to the office to load up for my ride home.

On the train I had another message from the great swami beyond. As I boarded, my bike tire encroached a gentlemen who remarked rudely. I was too close to his space. If he didn’t have his feet out sideways blocking the walkway I would have taken the bike to the middle spot for bikes. I then thought to myself that he was sitting in a disabled seat and I should point it out but I bit my tonque. I simply replied “Happy Holidays”. When he reached his stop, I noticed his feet were not sideways by choice and he was just angry at the world for his misfortune.


When I arrived home, Sean had Thanksgiving dinner waiting and all the gear was packed. I ate and then posted a bunch of messages on the Burner meetup in hopes of meeting my soulmate on this weekend.  I also tried to arrange a morning jog with Linda Boeke from high school but she canceled after realizing the Husker vs. Iowa football game was on. Our reunion would have to wait.  Soon as the sun was up we were packing the car for another great adventure in the desert. We fiddled around with work things until 11 and then headed towards Will. We called to give him an hour notice to gvet ready. He was not ready to go when we showed up and made us wait until 1:30 so we cleaned and organized gear while waiting.   I had not looked at the new directions so I just told Will we were going somewhere in Joshua Tree. He assumed we would be going through Palm Springs and made plans with friends there. He was already upset that we were not working on the holiday while he was feeling productive so the tension piled up from his delays and news of our route change which would not be going through Palm Springs.  Just  5 miles down the road he was asking to be dropped off because of all the negative energy. Sean refused at first and we encouraged him to work it out so he hung with us.


We found our way to the gathering safely with no delays. Even though the company just got paid $4500 above expenses this week Will failed to get cash and borrowed 9 from Sung and forgot to pay me. Details that would need to change soon if I was to continue sacrificing my book time for Shhmokewear.   Once we contibuted our alcohol for the open bar and $25 donation, we circled the camp and picked our spot. After setting up camp in the dark it was near 7pm and time to explore. Will hiked the mountain with his guitar, Sean hit the grill for his cooking fetish and I went on the hunt for single girls to line everyone up with.

The gathering basecamp had a dome tent lit with glow sticks and neon with the open bar I inside being poured by 2 gorgeous mediterainian girls. I filled up my flask with pinneapple rum and red wine then headed for the fire pit. It was early so I consumed my energy by working on carving wood and creating my comics around the fire.

There was some great music being played by the DJ but it was too early to go on that trip.  I wanted to stay in a sobber state of mind to advance with the ladies first. I struck up several conversattions between stretching my legs and found the most attractive girl with the best energy surrounding her. As I was working on my comic the girls that were  attracted to me came over and asked questions. I picked the one with the best energy and I gave her the most attention so she sat beside me.   After I finished a page about a Texas adventure I shared the stories with her and then she went for a walk with me back to get water from our camp. Sara was on a soul venture from New York and took the holiday to spend with friends instead of family. She needed to get away from designing plasma lasers and computer programming with her Masters dedgree from UCLA and a RI school.   When we returned we joined the dancing and drumming. As our high peaked, Sara invited me to play cards at her tent. The boys had some good advances going so I left their wing and called it a night.  Back at the tent, I taught her how to play Jacks for about an hour while we exchanged innocent leg touches and flirtations and then she made a move.

For me, the ultimate high is the one you get from that first unknown realm of sexual tension. That first kiss puts you on top of the world. Even the slightest of touch, is still intoxicating.  Combine the first kiss with a long night of skinful cuddling under a 25 degree desert stary sky night and you gain the confidence to accomplish anything.  After we forced our selves apart we packed carry bags for the day and hiked up the hill to watch the sunrise over the desert foliage. After meditating by focusing on a small living creature, we hiked around the ranch lodge, playground and petting zoo. There’s a special channel of energy you absorb from a Peacock in a desert oasis.  We next went to join the boys for breakfast. As we were getting breakfast together, a roar stirred from the tent. A squinty eyed Sean soon crawled out. As we played cards and shared stories with Sean, Will plopped out of his hamock with one eye open.   After we filled our tummies we went back to take a nap in the grass area around Sarah’s tent. The area was surrounded by Tipis and provided a serene spot for cuddling in the soothing sunshine.

A messenger was going around gathering those interested in a mountain pass adventure to an old ghost mine. We decided it would be a fun way to spend the day together so we packed up and drove to meet the caravan at the archery.  While waiting we did some yoga and then shot some arrows. It was fun showing Sara how to do it.  Once the caravan was ready we drove the 2009 convertible Mustang through the desert down a back road towards the ghost mine and camp. We had 2 wild girls in the back as we rocked the convetibles sound system through the wild. It was like a scene from Fear and Lothing in Las Vegas. I felt like Johnny Depp.

The road got too rocky for the rented stang so we found a good pull over spot and jumped in the back of a small pickup to go the final 15 minutes. It was a wild ride and I enjoyed every bump as Sara embraced my cushioned lap. There were a couple steap leaning moments where we were close to falling out. The gravity drops were a blast.  When we got to the cave there were camp buildings going to ruin and behind them was the entrance to the mine.

A single man mined nearly a mile through the mountain over 38 years to give the illusion he did not find gold while actually striking a vain near by in secret.   Nearly 30 people went in while Will stayed behind. Another moment where a loved one makes you feel appreciated as we held hands walking through a cell phone lit black hole together.  Once we got to the other end the view was amazing of the salt lake. I noticed no one was in the mine so I grabbed Sara for some private hanky panky a ways in the dark.

As we rounded a jag in the shaft, a sliver of light from the entrance .75 miles ahead of us appeared. It was accompanied by the Johnny Cash sound of Will’s music.   We stopped moving and filmed what became one of the most sirene moments of my life. A moment better then any vision Hollywood could create. The light silouetting Will and his guitar as he approached us combined with music was on a parralel level in my memory with the moments spent in Sara’s arms.  Once the group was all back together we got into SP’s car with Will and asked others to ride in the back of the truck. Once we got ready to go the battery wouldn’t turn over and it was on a hill so we had to rock it to get shifted into neutral in order to get to a spot for a jump start.  While I was in the back rocking one of the passengers from earlier came over and opened the door unaware what we were doing. At the same moment the car shifted and rolled back towards me. I was prepared to jump on bump but the other lady got knocked down as the door plowed her over and I tried to stop the role. I sufered a good gash on my knee and several scrapes while planting my knee into the rocks.  We returned to the rental car just in time to get it turned around on the rocky one lane path before dark. I drove us to the nearest town as Will followed and again enjoyed the passionate touches while driving together.


Will was struggling to stay awake so I took the Toyota Tundra the rest of the way. We got Will and the Toyota dropped off and then we took the Stang to town to get liquor and dinner.  After filling up we went to the tent and fooled around before taking a nap to energize for a long night of partying. I wanted to stay up all night and make the moment last before having to part from my new friends.  We shared some natural party favors through the night and talked about our experiences and visions around the campfire and in the dance circle. I started with numbness and then transcended into pins and needles like tingling. Instead of seeing the obvious warm colors first, I was seeing more of the night blues and purples such as those deep in the hottest coals of the fire.  Eventually we agreed it was time to take another nap and watch a movie. When we woke up I felt fully rejuvinated and spent an hour doing yoga while Sara and the boys ate and said their good byes.

Soon it was time to part ways. Sara was going to Vegas and wanted some solo time so we just agreed to meet back up when she returned. I told her she was welcome to sleep over Monday night and we were right by the airport before her Tuesday flight. After sharing our hugs I went up the mountain took a nude nap in the 80 degree sun.  Once the boys had their stuff ready we headed back to LA, arriving with no problems. On the way I would get a text from the rec center dance instructor, Julia. We connected on facebook and chatted awhile before bed, arranging a tennis workout for Monday.

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